Thursday, July 23, 2009

About time

That I stop in and say Hi to you guys!!
I hope everyone is well.

We are all doing well.
Michael and I have been pretty in this "Our Time" mode and we have taken many small trips ALONE together, cut out alot of phone calls and text, and really just been very much into each other and each other only...How selfish..Oh well its a rare thing.

M has a cough..pretty sure its due to sinus drainage. We got the results back from his sleep study and..Get ready for this one..Im sure some of you will find it as funny as I did. The Dr. said "Your breathing is wonderful" (sure thing I thought he had cf) and then he says "I think you have some allergies" (good thing I thought he had cf) then he says "You should see a ENT doctor" (good thing thats who occupies my #4 speed dial) So in detail M stops breathing 4.2 times an hour...In order to have sleep apnea you have to stop 5 times or more. What he ended up saying was..Michael does seem to be very sleepy..It only takes him around 8 mins to fall asleep and 18-23 mins is what is considered "normal". Michael also comes out of a deep sleep 45 times in a 6 hour period and normal is 7-12. So pretty much the end answers we got was that M has "allergies" that are messing with his airways, He gets woke up alot more than the avg. person due to "coughing" and last but not least we were told that from a sleep stand point M is fine that he sleeps during the day mainly out of bordem.
Man that was a informative visit.

So we made a appointment to see one of my fav. doctors!! Dr. Swain (sinus master)
And briefly before he and M went totally in to movie and video game mode I was able to get some ?'s and answers in.
Dr S says that if M thinks he is tired due to snoring (very rare for M) that he could trim that little dangle piece in the back of his mouth (of course he had a proper name for that piece)and he also said if it dont get better through the rest of the year that he will talk to Dr. Sindel (Cf doctor) about "gutting" M's left side like he did the right a few years ago. This was M's idea...He says he has no problems on his right side that its only the left that stops up and dont "move" air.
So Swain told us that right now "the juice is not worth the squeeze" so just go home use the neil med sinus rinse followed by afrin and come in when its unbearable to get "sucked out"

So that where we are health wise. Lungs seem to be pretty good...kinda starting to crackle a tiny bit at night but we have our clinic visit in Aug so we will know more then. He has been working out a good bit so Im excited to see if his numbers go up!!

Anyways everyone else is good.
Slimer is being a sweet little monster

We attempted to make Titus an inside dog...Slimer loved it but I still dont care much for the whole peeing in the carpet thing so hes out again...He likes being outside better anyway.

And everything except Slimer thinking he is 100% human and sitting like normal =)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Angel Went Home

Death is never easy.

My Mam~Maw went home today.
She was by far the sweetest person ever.
She was 90 and had the spirit of a 10 year old.
She would never wear her hearing aide and constantly say HUH?!
She would hide cookies under her pillow and not have a clue why her sugar was 500.
She taught me that Noxema was a girls bestfriend.
She was never without a tabloid.
She got up every morning and put her make up on no matter what.
She feel asleep reading the paper.
She woke up and swore she was not sleeping but thought she may need a little nap.
She did not miss Wheel of fortune or Jeopardy.
She kept her hair done and even dyed it red.
She drew on her eyebrows and they were perfect.
She saw the good in everyone but would talk about you when you took the sweets away.
She was precious.
She was funny.
She was a mess.
And she will be MISSED.

Please keep my family in your prayers for the upcoming days.
I dont think any of us were ready.

R.I.P. Mam~Maw
I ♥ U!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Question for Cfers and movie lovers

Hey guys
I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and healthy 4th!!

Do you guys know any good movies about CF like life Breath?
No so much teaching about CF but more of like an actual movie that CF takes part in?
Thanks in advance!!