Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sinuses, Slimer & Supper

Hey Guys!!

Thanks so very much for letting me use your pics!!!!

We went to the wonderful Dr. Swain's today and M got his nose all sucked out...nsldkjvdklnjkfnl
I still have a little trouble with the looks of the nasty stuff that gets sucked out!!
And anyway he of course asked M if he was irrigating ( sp? )..Umm NO!! thats the 1 thing M will NOT do no matter what!! he hates it! he says it makes his ears and eyes hurt for days and days after so Swain gave us a neil med neti pot and said to use that because its not any pressure behind it so it wont hurt his ears and eyes. He said the point is not to blast all the stuff out so much as to just keep it moist up there..He took a culture and said we will have it back in a week or so and re evaluate if needed..Please keep sending the prayers =D

Its been a pretty lazy day after the doctor we went to Golden Corral aka the ( pig bin ) Nothing better than a buffet and a cystic right?!? Talk about getting your moneys worth. Then we left and went to pets mart ( imagine that! ) we picked up some yummy roasted chicken gravy ( I get that assumption from the noises slimer makes when eating it ) and naturally we asked if they had by chance gotten any new heavy duty Slimer proof toys to play with and guess what?!?! They did!! It is a gumby ya know the green guy from tv!! Yea him and Slime LOVES him...I tried VERY hard to get you some pictures of Gumby..But Slime was not to keen on that idea..But I did get a few..or I did get my attempts anyway =D

This was the start of my conversation with him..I just tried to tell him I only wanted a picture and Id give him right back..

I managed to pick him up..

But that was short lived...

Ok fine have a little taste...

Yum Yum....

Must get Gumby!!!!

Ok my turn..just one quick little picture...


Ohh almost...

Aha!! Got it!! Even tho Gumby is now blind in his left eye..I DID get you guys a picture =)

Ok so now that thats over on to M..

Boy he sure is handsome ;)

He says to tell you guys HI..So HI

He also says I should go finish supper because hes starving..Ha! starving..Really!!

BUT before I go I must let you know Slimer has defeated me..

Oh!! But what is this...Slimes leaving hahaha

Gumbys all alone just waiting on me to grab...hummmm

Do take note on how much weight hes gained =)

Ok Ok off to finish supper.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Here it is thus far

Kinda long..but its really cute and I think you should watch it..
As soon as the rest of you let me know if I can use your pics or not I will be adding more =D


CFers/CF lovers/caregivers

Im making a true media picture slide show and wanted to make sure it was ok to use pictures of you guys.
I always feel like the more faces you can put with CF the more impact you have.
So if you have CF or love someone with CF and you read this blog please let me know if its ok to use/add your picture to my one true media slide show.
I need ok's from the following bloggers..And I WILL NOT in any way be upset if you say no.

Phoenix's Mom
Amanda Faye
Lil' Chris' Mom
Somer Love
Amy Glessner-Arnold
sunshine rose

As soon as you give me th ok I will ad your pic.
I will post the slide show in my next post so you will see where your picture is.
This slide show is going on here, my myspace, and to a local CF fundraising coordnaitor..I can not tell you where it will go from there so make sure if you tell me I can use your pictures you know/understand I do not know where all it will be seen. Granted I dont really imagine any funny business coming from a Cure CF slide show but hey ya never know.


Dont Forget!!

Come visit my store on CafePress!

Its so important that a cure be found!! Time is more precious than most people realize. Everyday truly makes a diffrence!!
Please donate weather it be through my cafepress or from any other blog that has a donate button or fundraiser.

Going to the sinus doctor tomorrow =( Im so not wanting another surgery right now..pleas pray.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cf Sucked

Away another life yesterday.
We met Heather 2 years ago while we were in the hospital and spent quite a bit of time together..we visited her house in P~Cola a few tome for the weekend and often ended up in the hospital together since.
She got sick shortly after we met her and has spent quite a bit of time in the hospital.. just last year around this time she had a section of her lung removed and did better for a bit.
Sadly because of a series of unfortunate events we were not very close anymore. Last time I spoke with her was in October right after M's sinus surgery..I thought she was ok then but I guess not. She has been in the hosp every since we were in Feb. She had been on the vent for a few weeks but had come off a week or so ago..thats the only details I know right now besides this post her boyfriend Shane wrote on myspace
"From: Koolman R.I.P. Heather

Date: Mar 29, 2009 10:41 AM
Subject: heather

Body: heather passed away last night. it was very peaceful and she didn't suffer much in the end. i'm just glad she doesn't have to struggle any more. no arrangements have been made as of now but i'll let anyone know who asks. thanks to everyone who helped both of us along the way."
Please keep this family in your prayers.

My ♥ hurts so bad for her family and friends.

R.I.P. Heather Kirschbaum
04/11/89 - 03/28/09

Friday, March 27, 2009

So I was thinkin...

Which is always scary but anyway..I was thinking if we just found the right toy for S then he would stop chewing up everything so... Thanks to you guys I had bought some kong toys well..he chewed them up BUT they have a guarantee so I wrote the kong people a e mail and they sent me a "XXL extream Kong" made for "power chewers" well S loves it he gets this goofy looking grin on his face when we get it out Photobucket
Kinda like that! We put cookies and stuff in it and he just licks away

And he just plays for hours..If your holding him when someone gets it out he wiggles and squils like a fat little pig!!

He even sleeps with his paw on it..So just when I thought normal everyday stuff in my house was fine I heard this awful sound that sounded like a little girl screaming/crying so naturally I mosey down the hall and this is what I find
Yea just for no reason he decided to hate the close basket..go figure??? Only in the brain of a slimer!! We are having a terrible festival full of rain thunder and lightning so we are having a inside movie/game/pizza/card night unfortuntaly because of poo face blog stalker I cant post many pics!
Hope you all are having a safe & well weekend!!


Check Him Out

Hey guys! In my lack of blog knowledge I had not foud this awesome blog guy buddy BUT lucky me..he left me a comment so for lack of better words he dropped his blog on my plate =D Thanks ABGB.

Anyway go check him out and read about how hes running to make a diffrence Run Sick Boy Run hes quite amazing!! He has lots of knowledge to share and hes full of motivation..Now if I could just get him to come get M to run hmmmm...

Grilling Goodness #24

1. Do you prefer to write with pen or pencil?
Pen Please

2. What was off limits to you growing up that you do all the time now?
Well I dont know so much about being off limits but I had to make my bed no matter what..even if I was washing the sheets the covers and pillows stii had to give the illusion it was made up. So now even in my OCD madness my bed is the one thing I dont try to make perfect..and yes its still out of rebellion =)

3. What is the age difference between you and your spouse?
2 years until May then 3

4. Did you hurt yourself in anyway this week?
Oh yea its a daily thing..from running into the table or door to slipping in the mud outside..just call me grace

5. Do you like wallpaper enough to hang it in your home?
Ahhh..sorry you just made my brain hurt. Wallpaper makes me twitch

6. What do you need to do that you've been putting off?
Pay my flippin car insurance!! why do I keep forgetting this?? Oh wait I know why.. I have a husband with CF a destructive gassy dog a son thats failing school and a horrid case of OCD/ADD =D

7. What did you do this week that you wish you hadn't?
Cooked..why did I cook that really good really fat filled Mac Cheese and chicken dish?

8. Did anything keep you up late this week?
Yea his name is Michael..and I can thank Slimer for getting up at the butt crack


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My night went to Poop

BUT its better at the moment...

M's sugar went to 688 and that was after 40 units of humalog..I frantically put in calls to Dr. S and Dr. F both told me to monitor it for a hour and if it didnt drastically go down to head to the ER...

As of right now its down to 393 but of course he insisted that he just eat 20 fish sticks and drink a half gallon of milk!
Little sleep fot me tonight!!

I cant be mad =) hes sitting ever so michaelish in his recliner doing his vest =)


Aha! Guess What??

I am a total blog bimbo!!
Yes me! Sweet, loving, Little (well not SO little) me!

Now 1st let me say that I ♥ MY FOLLOWERS!! I keep up with all new post and comment frequently..BUT odviously when M is well I have to much time on my hands because I am always saying " I need more CF blogs to read and learn about " so today Im sitting here on my bed typing ever so quitely (M is trying to nap and he insisted I sit in the bed with him) and like a flippin semi truck hitting me in the right side of the face I get the idea to look at my followers profiles and BAM there it is!! I see where I can see the blogs you guys follow!!!!
Duh Kel! Most blogs I read and follow are CF related meaning most of the blog my followers read are the same!!!
WOO lets welcome me back to my life in progress!! Thanks


Typical Kellee ?

Hey guys...ok so as we all know I have been REALLY slow at picking up all the cool stuff to do with this blog and here again I dont know how to do something with it lol!

How do I make it where you can click the name of something and go to the site/blog I am talking about??
"Go check out Sue's blog" click on sue and it will send you to sues blog page...

Thanks in advance for blog raising me =)

Good News!!
Slimers gained 6.2 pounds!!! woo


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh NO!!

We went to the doctor yesterday because M's awfulritis was acting crazy..his right hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist were locked up and it was getting to the point where he couldnt walk so we went to see the wonderful Dr. F.. He put a cortisone shot in the shoulder and put him on 40mg of prednisone aaahhh!! wonderful drug...already moving better BUT blood sugars throug the roof and angry/moodier than a pregnant woman in a heat wave with no food!!
So I think Im gonna go get a shower and take S to petsmart and to get his nails trimmed and then maby if M's good Ill take him to backyard for some yams..ahh how awful am I?? Yams when he already has a blood sugar of 350..Guess Ill just be taking a extra humalog pen =)

Hope you guys have a Fun & Well day!!


Monday, March 23, 2009

OCD Canceled

So as most of you know by now Sundays are my "detailed Cleaning Days" I start at the kitchen and do counters, floors, base boards blah blah,,move to the living room and vacuum the furniture, dust, floors, base boards more blah blah down the hall bedroom.. I dust, base boards, blinds, fan and then take the sheets off the bed to wash..While washing the sheets I give slimer a flea bath and then clean my bathroom..This is all a "done in exact order Kellee fashion way" But this sunday I made it to the bedroom did all the stuff and started the sheets in the laundry..The room smelled great..Slimer was getting a nice lavender bath he got dried off and sprayed with pawfume and then this happend...
Yea he really just slid his damp, flea shampooed body all over my mattress and clean floor..And yes my friend Jason sitting on the bed really thinks its funny. So being a CF wifey I did the worst...I started thinking!!! Ahh germs!! In my bed..The bed that M sleeps in!! So I started the cleaning process all over!! Later that night after I FINALLY finished my cleaning or re cleaning rather I go see this Photobucket Looks like a cute little picture right?!? WRONG!! look at the seat of my loveseat... Photobucket See that green blanket..Well thats M & Slimers way of covering up a nice big stain from slimers bone!!! Everyone in this house thought that this was quite funny..I have yet to see the humor. XOXO

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh Yea.. Late Grilling Goodness

Sorry I forgot!!

1. Are you competitive?
Very much so! I still can beat M at Wii Fit soccer!! And I am the sour gummy worm Queen! Its all in good fun, no crazy must win kinda thing lol.

2. What do you most often eat for breakfast?
Normally I dont..But when I do its Grits =)

3. Do you have a 'raggidy' piece of furniture?
Yes sir! Its awesome! Its my great grandmaws chair and it has so had it.

4. What do you wash your face with?
Nutrogena..some kinda orange bead stuff.. And when feeling spunky I use a green mask that M finds so HOTT!! not..

5. What colors does Spring make you want to wear?
Aqua! I just wanna wear aqua period lol.. But I really should get a tan 1st

6. Do you like working your flower beds?
Not so much.. I mean I will but I dont really like it.

7. What is something you want that you've never had?
Ha this could get long.. Umm I will just list 3 things I want and have never had
1. A cure for CF
2. 1 million dollars
3. A in ground pool ( my own ant my house )

8. How many miles do you have on your car?
157 thousand something... Poor Helen the honda shes a trooper!


Slimer did what?!?

What up blog lovies!!

The Perkins house hold is swell!
M feels great and has been spending 98% of his time playing the new Resident Evil 5. The other 2% has been spent trying to convince me he dont need to be doing a treatment.. Nice try bud..too bad it dont work. =)
A bit of some sinus problems coming on.. Im sure it has something to do with the splendid weather here in Bama.. woo.. Hes also having a bit of trouble with the Rheumatoid Arthritis but I think its because we had a stupid issue with the pharmacy and he ended up missing 2 doses of Naproxen.. Let me vent a bit on this pharmacy isssue! We get 90 day supplies of M's meds for odvious reasons and we always get them from the same people he has used for 14 years.. well 3 weeks before he ran out of meds I put in the order for the new ( it takes 7-10 days to come in )12 days go by and no meds so I call well they tell me "You have a $27.00 balance so we have your order on hold" Really?!?!? 27 bucks?? 14 years of being loyal!!! uhhh.
So I call in a 30 day refill of Naproxen to the local pharmacy because that was the only one we were almost out of and couldnt wait on.. We drive to the local pharmacy pull up to the window and I ask for the script.. Do you know what the lady comes back and tells me?? "Im sorry this cant be refilled until May 2009"
WHAT?!? so it clicks for me that the 90 supply is showing up but I dont have the 90 supply so.... anyway to wrap this up we had to go to the RA doctor and get him to call the local pharmacy and explain..Im sure he didnt call the nurse did ( better put that so my blog stalker dont accuse me of making this story up.. we all know doctors dont do middle man work.) So Naproxen is here and hopefully in a few days M's shoulder will feel better.

M was so sweetly trying to cook me some mac & cheese and after 30 mins he asked me why he didnt here the water boiling yet (no he was not checking to see if it was boiling he was way to busy playing resident evil) so I went to see why it was not boiling and this is what I saw
He didnt find it near as funny as I did!

In Slimer news...
Slimer decided he didnt approve of M & I being gone to run errands so long ( 2 hours ) so he DESTROYED the living room.
He ate the candles, the remote, drank the liquid from the air freshner thingy, chewed up M's play station controller ( I caught hell for that 1 ), ate the albuterol chamber, chewed up my very fav. blanket ( the only cashmere thing I owned )and then decided to take a nice big crap right in front of the door!! Thank you Slimer. Since my last post he has destroyed 4 new toys including the Kong toys that do in fact have a guarantee thats says no destruction ( Thanks for the advice blog ladies they did live longer than the other toys ) a base ball and his 1st leash.
We have decided to stud him out and he really seems to be liking that lol! His very fav. thing to do is join you in the shower.. he jumps right in and sits down.. and he dont mind at all if you soap him up and scrub away! He will just sit, grunt and snort the whole time. He dont even care if you blow dry him! Strange but we ♥ him BIG! Even tho he hands down has the worst gas EVER!!
Despite how angry I was I did find humor in the fact that he only chewed off the power button!! What good does a remote do with no power button?!

Ok so this week has been "lets see what all can go wrong for Kellee week"
Besides the above problems and destruction of the house the dryer caught on fire, the washer flooded the utility room ( I blame slimer, the hose had been chewedd up ) and the dishwasher broke. As if thats not enough I (after 2 years) went and got a eye exam (If you know me personally you know Im blind as a bat.. if you dont know me personally let me tell you just how bad it is..you know that big black E on the bored when you do your eye exam?? yea I cant see that!) and got to order some new contacts.. I asked if I could get some to sleep in mainly for hospital stays ( it really sucks needing to get up in a hurry and running in to every thing while keeping in mind M may be hooked up so watch out for IV lines ) and they told me about some new ones that let more oxygen in to your eye so they dont dry when you sleep in them.. Yay so I got a sample of them ( so excited ) popped them in and guess what?!?! My eyes dont like them!! Nope not at all..But do I have a regular pair to put in? NO!! They wont be for 2 more weeks! So I get to walk around rolling my eyes and squinting.. Not to mention it looks like Im looking through a bubble! Everythings big and kinda funny looking.

So to wrap up this stupidly long blog post we are all good, new washer and dryer, dishwasher fixed, perscriptions are in and I cant see! Going to clean the yard and laugh at M pretending to go back to the future =D

Oh and dont forget!! Come visit my store on CafePress!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Check it Out

Heys guys!!
Ive been working hard on a cafe press site for CF and so far I have managed to get a few things up so head over and check it out!!
ALL the profits will go to the CFF!! I will be adding stuff daily so make sure u=you keep up with it and PLEASE PLEASE pass on the site.
M & I have a deal made with Dr. S and for the next 3 months every $10.00 earned he will match!!
So HURRY and go shop!
Come visit my store on CafePress!

And let me just go ahead for my stalker and put this in here..
If you find yourself questioning anything I have written on here then you might should look for a new blog to read. For those if you that know me you know my heart and therfore you know when it comes to CF the things I do and say are very real, from the heart and with the purest intentions.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Grilling Goodness

So I guess Im like super slow but I always thought grilling goodness was a blog about food so I never really looked at it...But today I did and found out its this fun little game so here I go..=D

1. Did you learn anything new this week?
Oh boy did I..How about blog stalkers are the most horrid peoeple EVER!!!

2. Will you wear green on St. Patty's Day or do you not give a hoot?
If I think about it I will but its no biggie

3. Do you wash clothes throughout the week or only on a specific day?
All week long ehhh

4. What is one of the most popular 'spams' you get in your junk email inbox?
Black american singles lol oh and viagria

5. Are you where you want to be? (you decide the meaning of the question for your answer)
Well pretty much

6. Do you know how to swim?
I do!! In fact I love love love to swim

7. Do you take trips with your girlfriends?
Not so much..M and CF keep me quite busy

8. What was your favorite purchase this week? (big or small)
My new phne that should be in soon!!

Oh that was easy fun =)
I suppose I will get better and have longer answers the more I play.

Im jumping on

Hey guys!
I am totally jumping on the grilling goodness banwagon and also I am joining in with the whole Q&A thing..Yea I know im so late like 4 weeks late but hey better late than never right?!?

So ask away..anything you want Ill post answers next friday.

Im gonna do my grilling goodness in a dif. post so you can leave your questions under this post.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hey blog lovies.
Hope all is well for you guys!!
We are all fantastic!!

Michael is doing super! His o2 stats are staying at 97... I must sadly tell you guys something... I melted the E flow.. Yep sure did.. I forgot I had it boiling and left it on the stove for 20 mins!!!! Thank goodness I called and our home health people ( well 1 of our home health people lol ) shipped us 2 more so we have 1 for 7% and 1 for pulmozyme now!! Hey if you boil nebs after every treatment you should know how exciting it is to have 2!!
Now that hes feeling better hes trying to slack on his CPT but so far hes not being very sly about it and I keep catching it =) I dont know why he trys to cut the darn vest off at 20 mins??? If you have done it that long whats 10 more?? Guess you have to be a Cfer to get that 1.

Do you by any chance know of a way to fatten up a dog?!? lol Slimer is 13 pounds under weight and he eats like a pig.. we took him to the vet and hes very healthy just under weight.. Since we got him hes gaind 4 pounds so I dont know if he didnt like the food he was getting before we got him or if it was because he was outside runnig around all day or what..
We have him on some crazy expensive dog food that is suppost to keep his skin problems away ( nothing like an expensive dog that needs expensive food for expensive health problems right?? ) and he seems to love it and I just mix some wet food in with it for extra fat but 13 pounds is alot to gain for a dog! Any ideas?
He is so funny and we all love him so much!!

Oh and if you happen to know of any dog toys that can NOT be destroyed I would love to know about them =D
Here is Slimes brand new toys

Yea Im sure they are less than a week old
I guess she was wearing flavored toe nail polish?!? Im thinking bacon
This was a very real very sturdy footbal...But then it met Slimer Poor thing...RIP baby squeaks alot Who did that?? Me?? What??

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome Back

Comments are back so...=)...comment away

A Post From Katey

Hey guys.. This post is totally stolen from a WONDERFUL blogger named Katey..anyway when I am going through a hard time I find myself reading her blog and often leave it feeling alot better.. So this morning I was checking my blog and saw a post from her..I click and read and for those of you that dont know her or read her blog here it what I found

1). The Lord is in Control. "In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials," 1 Peter 1:6We are chosen by God, and God is working in us during times of trials. We may even have more trials or problems because we are believers. We will suffer according to God's will. But we can rejoice in knowing that HE is in control, and the suffering will only be for a little while.
2). The Lord is refining our faith! "..so that the tested genuineness of your faith--more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire--may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ." 1 Peter 1:7NOTHING happens by accident. There is no fate or Karma, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ. During times of trials, the Lord wants us to show that our faith is authentic. HE is burning off all of the impurities. So next time you are facing a trial, sickness, death, etc....just remember that the Lord is testing the authenticity of your faith!
3). The Lord is becoming more & more precious to us!! "Though you have not seen him, you love and trust him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory," 1 Peter 1:8During these trying times...we realize how precious our Lord and Savior really is to us!
4). The Lord is close (intimate) with us right now (during the times of trials). "...obtaining the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your souls," 1 Peter 1:9The word "obtaining" refers to receiving on a continuing basis. We continue to draw closer to God on a daily basis. It is during these times of trials that God is the most intimate with us.I think this is very comforting, relieving, and rejoicing to know that our times of trials happen for a reason, and that God uses these times to refine our faith, and become closer to each and every one of us!

Again let me say I DID NOT write that its from Katey at http://cftransplantmiracle.blogspot.com
I just copied and pasted that part so anyone that reads my blog that dont read hers could read this.
I think its amazing and if it could help anyone else today like it helped me I dont think Katey would mind my theft at all.

Thanks K!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Stalker

You Suck.

Sorry Im not blogging guys Im special enough to have a nasty bitter stalker blogger person.
Its cool though..Really it is =). Shes not near as smart as she thinks she is and her plan is backfiring at a rapid pace.

In other news.. we all are well and happy =D.

My comments have been set on private due to nasty blog stalker but that soon to will be changing..sorry for the inconvenience.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Videos of my ♥

Hey my wonderful bloggies =) I hope you all are having a splendid weekend..we sure are =D

M is still feeling well thank goodness..O2 stays around 95-97 which sure beats 89-90..Uhhhh for some stupid reason my computer wont let me hit enter and go down 1 line ahhhhh!!Ok sorry thats making me angry! But now back to my regular post.. he is 100% back in karate and also 100% back to "Michael well status" which means lots and lots of free entertainment for me =)

For Example... Enjoy this Thriller re make..untill he chokes on gum =)

And as if that was not enough I have Slimer and Josh

Anyway guys Im off to enjoy my free fun but Im sur I will be back soon ;)


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prayer Babbling in Kellee Form

Hey guys =)

Everything seems quite nice here despite the fact that ants are in my kitchen.. O well.. M is good very much so active and back in Karate.J has remained in school with no trouble all week.And Slimer is just as full of bad gas, lots of snorting, and happiness as you see in his pictures..
He really lays/sits like this for hours lolOk so random I know but here I go.. Is there a such thing as praying wrong?
I was with my grandmaw the other day and we were riding down the road and she asked me if I was hungry??? a few seconds like 30 seconds or so later I answered..She asked me why it took so long for me to answer and I told here I was in the middle of saying a prayer when she asked..she starteds to giggle and ask what I was praying for? she says " we are already on the road, your suppost to pray befor we leave" so I reply with " I was praying for the people brokedown back there.. well she starts to laugh even harder and then just ends the conversation. So that made me think..Do I pray dif. from everyone else?? IDK but I asked M how many times a day on average does he pray and he says "Well you know we do at night and in the morning together, and then 2 or so more times a day" Ok so now Im like geeze I sure do pray alot ( 30+ times a day ) so then my brain stays in overdrive and I ask M again how long it takes him to say his average prayer and he tells me "sometimes a few mins. some times a few seconds just depends " And here again Im like woah I really am crazy since it take me a good 30 mins to say all of my prayers after I do my basic prayer with M... So anywho with all this being said I dont think theres a such thing as praying to much or to long or right or wrong but I do think its safe to say that I TALK to God pretty much all day rather than "say my prayers"

I do wonder if theres a such as selfish praying?? When I pray I pray for all you cfers sometimes in detail if I know something is going on and sometimes just in general..I pray for all the parents, husbands , wives, kids, caretakers and friends of you cfers along with any other disease and stuff I read on here. I pray for my family/friends/people I dont care for/then I sum it all up with praying for every Female/Male in the world (yes I really say that to God) along with all pets =) dorkie I know = P and then as I go to end my prayer/conversation I add in Michael..and this is where I kinda think I may get selfish.. I in detail pray for M and when I say detail I really mean every little thing..Example: Sinuses to be open and clear..eyes to remain healthy and continue to see well..Nose to not bleed and stay open to take in all the oxygen his body needs..Chest to be free of mucus with no scar tissue, open air ways and the ability to take in all the air his body needs so on and so forth and its even more detailed then that I just wanted you to have an idea.

So am I selfish?? Ideally shouldnt I do that for everyone? Im going to use Reilly for another example.. I always pray that Reilly feels good and has a good day and if there is something Cindy has posted about Reilly or her health then I pray for that and then I move on.. Dont that seem mean or selfish I pray for health/happiness and or a special procedure for her but then I pray for EVERYTHING on M???

Yea so Ill stop blabbering now I was just curious about the opinions from you guys..so please feel free to share =)

Night you guys..


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eflow Question??

I have been looking at the STEAMGUARD MICROWAVE STERILIZER BAGS at medisimpleshoppe.com and I dont know if I can use them on th E flow or not..do any of you guys know?
It would be fantastic if I could since I boil the darn thing 6 times a day!!! No Im not crazy and just choose to clean it 6 times a day =) I just do it after every treatment.

Anyway let me know if you have tried them on the E flow and what the outcome was please =)


Monday, March 2, 2009

Guess What?!?

Blogger world meet SLIMER
SLIMER meet my lovely blogger people
Hes just a bit over 1 year ( 2/28/08 )

We ♥ very much!!

How can you not love this face??!!??

And he didnt cost anything near 2,000 Bucks..not even 1/4 of that =) woo hoo


Sunday, March 1, 2009

English Bulldog??

Ok so M has his ♥ set on an English Bulldog to move in the house now that we are lacking our Poochie Poo =(
But umm they are freakin 1,5oo bucks!! and I cant seem to find one anywhere near Mobile...
Any ideas or good breeders or breeder websites or ANYTHING helpful would be fantastic =)
This seems just as much of a task as trying to maintain a healthy CFer!!!! uhhhh ( Ok so not that hard but you get the idea )

Anyway M is good o2 stats are back to "normal", he feels good and we loved our weekend with Josh =). Everyones still being sad over Poo..Something of his seems to be every where..Toys, hair, meds, temptations so on and so forth..Didnt know how much we would miss his lazy self.
Blah Blah Blah..just checkin in with you guys. Hope your all having a splendid weekend and everyones well!