Friday, March 27, 2009

So I was thinkin...

Which is always scary but anyway..I was thinking if we just found the right toy for S then he would stop chewing up everything so... Thanks to you guys I had bought some kong toys well..he chewed them up BUT they have a guarantee so I wrote the kong people a e mail and they sent me a "XXL extream Kong" made for "power chewers" well S loves it he gets this goofy looking grin on his face when we get it out Photobucket
Kinda like that! We put cookies and stuff in it and he just licks away

And he just plays for hours..If your holding him when someone gets it out he wiggles and squils like a fat little pig!!

He even sleeps with his paw on it..So just when I thought normal everyday stuff in my house was fine I heard this awful sound that sounded like a little girl screaming/crying so naturally I mosey down the hall and this is what I find
Yea just for no reason he decided to hate the close basket..go figure??? Only in the brain of a slimer!! We are having a terrible festival full of rain thunder and lightning so we are having a inside movie/game/pizza/card night unfortuntaly because of poo face blog stalker I cant post many pics!
Hope you all are having a safe & well weekend!!



  1. what the heck is M reading it really didnt look like homework... very silly doggie by the way.

  2. Crazy dog!

    I don't get that last pic!

  3. Hopefully Slimer doesn't destroy the new Kong...

    Love that he was having the best time with the clothes hamper what was that noise???

    Love the teenage Mutant ninja turtle water bottle :)