Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My night went to Poop

BUT its better at the moment...

M's sugar went to 688 and that was after 40 units of humalog..I frantically put in calls to Dr. S and Dr. F both told me to monitor it for a hour and if it didnt drastically go down to head to the ER...

As of right now its down to 393 but of course he insisted that he just eat 20 fish sticks and drink a half gallon of milk!
Little sleep fot me tonight!!

I cant be mad =) hes sitting ever so michaelish in his recliner doing his vest =)



  1. I always love to see your pictures! They make me feel like it is okay to have a case of the myspace angles... not that I do or anything. Oh and it is nice to finally see a pic of your face off to the side there. it seems like every picture of you is of the back or side of your head.

    ps. nice pink shirt thingy

  2. oh and i have gone to the bathroom 3 times in the last hours...tmi I know but i blame it on you

  3. I see your husband is playing video games...what's his game of choice?