Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh NO!!

We went to the doctor yesterday because M's awfulritis was acting crazy..his right hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist were locked up and it was getting to the point where he couldnt walk so we went to see the wonderful Dr. F.. He put a cortisone shot in the shoulder and put him on 40mg of prednisone aaahhh!! wonderful drug...already moving better BUT blood sugars throug the roof and angry/moodier than a pregnant woman in a heat wave with no food!!
So I think Im gonna go get a shower and take S to petsmart and to get his nails trimmed and then maby if M's good Ill take him to backyard for some yams..ahh how awful am I?? Yams when he already has a blood sugar of 350..Guess Ill just be taking a extra humalog pen =)

Hope you guys have a Fun & Well day!!



  1. I used to have CF arthritis. It definitely is awful. As soon as I had my tx, it was gone, but I hear that so often.

    Yeah, the pred does a number on the blood sugars... grrrrrr. Yams send my b.s. through the ROOF!

  2. I run away to walmart when Joshua is about to give birth. I wish I had a dog so I could stop ging to walmart lol we found a stray today but he tried to pee on Danalie so we had to put him back outside. He has a collar so i am pretty sure he has a family and we almost stole him... not on purpose of course....

  3. I love your analogies! The pregnant woman one made me laugh, altho I know the mood swings aren't fun at all. If it's any comfort, it's awful to be aware it's doing it to you, too. I was always aware of it, but couldn't seem to control it.

    Well, at least Slimer will be getting some fun it - oh, wait, he probably doesn't like getting his nails trimmed!

    Hate that Prednisone stuff. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

  4. I wanted to email you but I guess you can't list your email addy because of that STUPID STALKER PERSON!!!! Eerrrggghhh!

    I wanted to say that my husband get's very little sleep during the week due to his job. At the end of the week we can't stand to be around him, he's so miserable and moody! I tell him it's a pity because we see him so little and can't enjoy it when we do!

    Just wanted to let you know that I CAN emphathize!