Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hey blog lovies.
Hope all is well for you guys!!
We are all fantastic!!

Michael is doing super! His o2 stats are staying at 97... I must sadly tell you guys something... I melted the E flow.. Yep sure did.. I forgot I had it boiling and left it on the stove for 20 mins!!!! Thank goodness I called and our home health people ( well 1 of our home health people lol ) shipped us 2 more so we have 1 for 7% and 1 for pulmozyme now!! Hey if you boil nebs after every treatment you should know how exciting it is to have 2!!
Now that hes feeling better hes trying to slack on his CPT but so far hes not being very sly about it and I keep catching it =) I dont know why he trys to cut the darn vest off at 20 mins??? If you have done it that long whats 10 more?? Guess you have to be a Cfer to get that 1.

Do you by any chance know of a way to fatten up a dog?!? lol Slimer is 13 pounds under weight and he eats like a pig.. we took him to the vet and hes very healthy just under weight.. Since we got him hes gaind 4 pounds so I dont know if he didnt like the food he was getting before we got him or if it was because he was outside runnig around all day or what..
We have him on some crazy expensive dog food that is suppost to keep his skin problems away ( nothing like an expensive dog that needs expensive food for expensive health problems right?? ) and he seems to love it and I just mix some wet food in with it for extra fat but 13 pounds is alot to gain for a dog! Any ideas?
He is so funny and we all love him so much!!

Oh and if you happen to know of any dog toys that can NOT be destroyed I would love to know about them =D
Here is Slimes brand new toys

Yea Im sure they are less than a week old
I guess she was wearing flavored toe nail polish?!? Im thinking bacon
This was a very real very sturdy footbal...But then it met Slimer Poor thing...RIP baby squeaks alot Who did that?? Me?? What??


  1. I wish I had some fattening advice for Slimer. I hope you find some answers. Awesome on the 2 new E flows, even though I have no idea what that is. I read the title of posts in my cf forums and sometimes it will say e Flow, but I've never researched it to find out what it is. I guess since it's been over 7 years since I had CF lungs, things have changed!!! :)

  2. How about we have some fat sucked out of our lab with a syringe and I'll ship it to you?

    Our dogs did that to toys when they were younger. We got some that didn't even last 15 min.! Now they do much better. If they want to CHEW something, we get bones from PetSmart. NOT rawhide - a lot of dogs have health problems from them. These are actual bones w/ hollow centers. They last a long time and last a long time.

    The toys we throw for them to fetch we don't allow them to chew on - or they would look like your pictures!

    Glad you got extra eFlows. I haven't used them. Actually, I've slacked and not been nebbing. Just using reg. inhalers. Can't use HTS because my asthma's too bad.

  3. Hey stop that slacken Mikey!!! lol jk

    Dog pics are too funny:)

  4. Shiner was underweight when we got him, so we fed him Royal Canin and he gained about 30 lbs in two months. I also add stuff like rice, chicken fat, and meat fat to his food sometimes. He's pretty spoiled. :)

    Shiner is a total toy murderer. The ONLY toy he cannot destroy is the black Kong extreme. Everything else is gone in about 5 minutes.

    Slimer is such a cutie!

  5. Kara beat me to it...I think the Kong extreme is pretty indestructible. If I recall correctly, they may even have a guarantee of some type.
    I once had a boxer (oh, I heart boxers, big time) who was allergic to everything. Seriously...pine needles (hellooo, we live in the South!) and human dander. Yep! HUMAN dander. Anyway, she got shots every day and we had to feed her kangaroo. It is an actual dog food made from kangaroos. She put on some weight with that.