Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prayer Babbling in Kellee Form

Hey guys =)

Everything seems quite nice here despite the fact that ants are in my kitchen.. O well.. M is good very much so active and back in Karate.J has remained in school with no trouble all week.And Slimer is just as full of bad gas, lots of snorting, and happiness as you see in his pictures..
He really lays/sits like this for hours lolOk so random I know but here I go.. Is there a such thing as praying wrong?
I was with my grandmaw the other day and we were riding down the road and she asked me if I was hungry??? a few seconds like 30 seconds or so later I answered..She asked me why it took so long for me to answer and I told here I was in the middle of saying a prayer when she asked..she starteds to giggle and ask what I was praying for? she says " we are already on the road, your suppost to pray befor we leave" so I reply with " I was praying for the people brokedown back there.. well she starts to laugh even harder and then just ends the conversation. So that made me think..Do I pray dif. from everyone else?? IDK but I asked M how many times a day on average does he pray and he says "Well you know we do at night and in the morning together, and then 2 or so more times a day" Ok so now Im like geeze I sure do pray alot ( 30+ times a day ) so then my brain stays in overdrive and I ask M again how long it takes him to say his average prayer and he tells me "sometimes a few mins. some times a few seconds just depends " And here again Im like woah I really am crazy since it take me a good 30 mins to say all of my prayers after I do my basic prayer with M... So anywho with all this being said I dont think theres a such thing as praying to much or to long or right or wrong but I do think its safe to say that I TALK to God pretty much all day rather than "say my prayers"

I do wonder if theres a such as selfish praying?? When I pray I pray for all you cfers sometimes in detail if I know something is going on and sometimes just in general..I pray for all the parents, husbands , wives, kids, caretakers and friends of you cfers along with any other disease and stuff I read on here. I pray for my family/friends/people I dont care for/then I sum it all up with praying for every Female/Male in the world (yes I really say that to God) along with all pets =) dorkie I know = P and then as I go to end my prayer/conversation I add in Michael..and this is where I kinda think I may get selfish.. I in detail pray for M and when I say detail I really mean every little thing..Example: Sinuses to be open and clear..eyes to remain healthy and continue to see well..Nose to not bleed and stay open to take in all the oxygen his body needs..Chest to be free of mucus with no scar tissue, open air ways and the ability to take in all the air his body needs so on and so forth and its even more detailed then that I just wanted you to have an idea.

So am I selfish?? Ideally shouldnt I do that for everyone? Im going to use Reilly for another example.. I always pray that Reilly feels good and has a good day and if there is something Cindy has posted about Reilly or her health then I pray for that and then I move on.. Dont that seem mean or selfish I pray for health/happiness and or a special procedure for her but then I pray for EVERYTHING on M???

Yea so Ill stop blabbering now I was just curious about the opinions from you please feel free to share =)

Night you guys..



  1. The fact that you are so humble makes me love you even more then the typos I pretend you put in your blog just to make me feel better. You are so silly. We should pray always! The fact that you have such a relationship with our heavenly father is wonderful. As I was reading your post I just kept thinking in my head " is this girl for real, she can't think this is selfish!" I know what it's like to feel like your husband is attached to you mind heart and soul. And sometimes at the hip but you are still different people. Not once did I read anything about you praying for yourself... I think my love that you need to Google what selfish means. I know that as a Christians we should direct our prayer to God and end it in the name of Jesus Christ but when it comes to keeping a prayer in your heart there are never formalities.

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  3. Have you read "The Shack"? You really should if you haven't. You would love it, I think.

    There is absolutely nothing selfish about your prayer. I talk to God while driving down the road too. Casey and I sometimes pray out loud while I drive her to school in the morning. It's more like a morning conversation with God.

  4. I am so excited I can finally comment on this post! (stupid blog stalker!) totally had me in tears when I read this work! You include my Reilly in your prayers every day? I swear, I think that is just the sweetest thing ever. As soon as I saw Reilly's name, I immediately got goosebumps, then you mentioned my blog, and I was like "Oh! That's MY Reilly!" :o)

    I don't think there is any wrong way to pray. I pray like you do, throughout the day as I think of things, or even if I was up in the middle of the night. I am not the smooth, nice sounding prayer (is that a word???), but I pray throughout the day. I can't hold all my thoughts & prayers in all day; I'd forget half of it & then what good is that? And selfish? No, I don't think your prayers are selfish. We are supposed to turn it all over to Him.
    My opinion? Keep on getting it, girl!