Monday, March 23, 2009

OCD Canceled

So as most of you know by now Sundays are my "detailed Cleaning Days" I start at the kitchen and do counters, floors, base boards blah blah,,move to the living room and vacuum the furniture, dust, floors, base boards more blah blah down the hall bedroom.. I dust, base boards, blinds, fan and then take the sheets off the bed to wash..While washing the sheets I give slimer a flea bath and then clean my bathroom..This is all a "done in exact order Kellee fashion way" But this sunday I made it to the bedroom did all the stuff and started the sheets in the laundry..The room smelled great..Slimer was getting a nice lavender bath he got dried off and sprayed with pawfume and then this happend...
Yea he really just slid his damp, flea shampooed body all over my mattress and clean floor..And yes my friend Jason sitting on the bed really thinks its funny. So being a CF wifey I did the worst...I started thinking!!! Ahh germs!! In my bed..The bed that M sleeps in!! So I started the cleaning process all over!! Later that night after I FINALLY finished my cleaning or re cleaning rather I go see this Photobucket Looks like a cute little picture right?!? WRONG!! look at the seat of my loveseat... Photobucket See that green blanket..Well thats M & Slimers way of covering up a nice big stain from slimers bone!!! Everyone in this house thought that this was quite funny..I have yet to see the humor. XOXO


  1. um you should come clan my house :)

  2. I think there gaining up on you Kel! Really you are crazy though. I do my CF cleaning Like a good Girl but I can't say i would ever ever reclean anything just because the dog my hubby is with 24/7 rubs his butt on the matress. maybe just the matress but the whole house..????

    I cant wait until you have a baby one day dana is ten times nastier then any dog. I still want a pug. Why didn't you get a pug you know I wanted a pug, Gosh Kel!