Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aha! Guess What??

I am a total blog bimbo!!
Yes me! Sweet, loving, Little (well not SO little) me!

Now 1st let me say that I ♥ MY FOLLOWERS!! I keep up with all new post and comment frequently..BUT odviously when M is well I have to much time on my hands because I am always saying " I need more CF blogs to read and learn about " so today Im sitting here on my bed typing ever so quitely (M is trying to nap and he insisted I sit in the bed with him) and like a flippin semi truck hitting me in the right side of the face I get the idea to look at my followers profiles and BAM there it is!! I see where I can see the blogs you guys follow!!!!
Duh Kel! Most blogs I read and follow are CF related meaning most of the blog my followers read are the same!!!
WOO lets welcome me back to my life in progress!! Thanks



  1. You are so funny!

    I never knew there were so many CF blogs out there until I started blogging. For nearly 2 yrs I've been just following the ones in Do you follow LightNLife's? (Lauren) She has some excellent informative stuff.

  2. ya, not only have you gone the creepy talker club but you learned something new! How did you learn about anybody's blog with out doing that???

  3. LOL.. yeah CF blogs are the bestest!!

  4. You always make me laugh, that's what I love about reading your blog:)