Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Typical Kellee ?

Hey guys...ok so as we all know I have been REALLY slow at picking up all the cool stuff to do with this blog and here again I dont know how to do something with it lol!

How do I make it where you can click the name of something and go to the site/blog I am talking about??
"Go check out Sue's blog" click on sue and it will send you to sues blog page...

Thanks in advance for blog raising me =)

Good News!!
Slimers gained 6.2 pounds!!! woo


1 comment:

  1. Highlight what you want clicked on (i.e. Sue's blog)

    Then, click on the green picture of a link. On my computer brown bar pops up at the top of my screen that I have to click on to allow temporary popups. You might not need to do that.

    A window will appear that has "http" filled in. Fill in the link of [Sue's blog] and click on OK.


    What I want to know, is how people change the colors of some words or sentences within their post. I don't see that option anywhere! Maybe they insert an html manually?