Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sinuses, Slimer & Supper

Hey Guys!!

Thanks so very much for letting me use your pics!!!!

We went to the wonderful Dr. Swain's today and M got his nose all sucked out...nsldkjvdklnjkfnl
I still have a little trouble with the looks of the nasty stuff that gets sucked out!!
And anyway he of course asked M if he was irrigating ( sp? )..Umm NO!! thats the 1 thing M will NOT do no matter what!! he hates it! he says it makes his ears and eyes hurt for days and days after so Swain gave us a neil med neti pot and said to use that because its not any pressure behind it so it wont hurt his ears and eyes. He said the point is not to blast all the stuff out so much as to just keep it moist up there..He took a culture and said we will have it back in a week or so and re evaluate if needed..Please keep sending the prayers =D

Its been a pretty lazy day after the doctor we went to Golden Corral aka the ( pig bin ) Nothing better than a buffet and a cystic right?!? Talk about getting your moneys worth. Then we left and went to pets mart ( imagine that! ) we picked up some yummy roasted chicken gravy ( I get that assumption from the noises slimer makes when eating it ) and naturally we asked if they had by chance gotten any new heavy duty Slimer proof toys to play with and guess what?!?! They did!! It is a gumby ya know the green guy from tv!! Yea him and Slime LOVES him...I tried VERY hard to get you some pictures of Gumby..But Slime was not to keen on that idea..But I did get a few..or I did get my attempts anyway =D

This was the start of my conversation with him..I just tried to tell him I only wanted a picture and Id give him right back..

I managed to pick him up..

But that was short lived...

Ok fine have a little taste...

Yum Yum....

Must get Gumby!!!!

Ok my turn..just one quick little picture...


Ohh almost...

Aha!! Got it!! Even tho Gumby is now blind in his left eye..I DID get you guys a picture =)

Ok so now that thats over on to M..

Boy he sure is handsome ;)

He says to tell you guys HI..So HI

He also says I should go finish supper because hes starving..Ha! starving..Really!!

BUT before I go I must let you know Slimer has defeated me..

Oh!! But what is this...Slimes leaving hahaha

Gumbys all alone just waiting on me to grab...hummmm

Do take note on how much weight hes gained =)

Ok Ok off to finish supper.



  1. Hey, I need to be on Slimer's diet. :)

    The pics are SO cute. You did a great job capturing him with gumby.

    Praying that Michael's cultures aren't bad. Yeah, I always ask the ENT's how in the world they can do that all day. It's SO gross, especially with us CFers. Ewwww.

  2. Your blog is so funny! I think you're quite silly, Kellee!!! lol

  3. Haha! Cute pics!

    So, did Gumby survive? Do you think he would pass the Shiner test? I have yet to find a toy that can!

  4. J uses the nedi pot. he thinks it works well unless he has a headach. It really is so funnt to watch :o)

    I hope the culture when well. I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

    I agree with aspiemom you are very silly!