Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grace AKA Gracie BKA Gracie Lou

I am trying to text you back =(
I love You & Miss you tons!!!!!!!!
Guess my phones being stupid...grrr

Not much going on today..
M's sugar has been better.. I think the highest was 300 but that was after this..

The Leaning Tower of Fish Sticks

Of course he didnt go by his sliding scale and just took a base of 20 units so just a few short hours later he had a blood sugar of 48!! woo hoo.. he was dancing around acting just fine tho but soon after the dance I caught him just like this..

In other news..
Gumby was alive a little bit ago..hes now completly blind and cant smell but hes still got the smile...I couldnt find him for a picture =/

I enrolled back in school today =D
I have 180 credit hours left til I have my Bachelor in Psychology..Substance Abuse, Child Development and Applied Behavioral Analysis
So to sum it up its a clinical psychology degree..Im excited

Off to do my nightly neb boilings =)



  1. I feel super loved right now! Any news on the culture???? I am not sure if it's your phone or if it's mine im going to text you phone Js phone just to check. I think I am an hour behind you though so I hope its not to late over there. It's not like you sleep or any thing lol.

  2. Congrats on going back to school!!!

    I just want you to know I haven't had fish sticks since I was probably 4 but I read this post last night and today at the grocery store they were calling my name... I had them tonight for dinner not to bad :)