Thursday, April 9, 2009

You..Yea You..The commenter

You are fabulous my friend!!
Thank you for your comments weather in be CF related or a pick me up comment when I am being Queen Poo Pants.. You guys have helped me more than I could ever thank you for and I just really want you to know that I from the bottom of my heart how much it means to me.
CF is not always easy to deal with and I find it pretty difficult being a non CFer but bloging about CF because I am a CF spouse..Kinda a weird spot to be in..Cant complain to much because Im not sick and I dont know whay CF feels like..Cant answer most direct CF questions because I dont personally know (thanks M for always answering my ?'s for my bloggy people)..Always leary of posting to much because as I have learned your honesty WILL be questioned..But on the flip side I do still have/get the emotion part of CF and I can answers some things because I have been there or have learned "what works best"..I do still get the "Im grumpy because CF.." part so I do find my self sitting on the other side of this screen just blogging away about CF..And as you know from my earlier post I was really questioning if I should continue blogging..I was/am very tired of defending myself or trying to prove myself..I am going to continue..Because A select few of you have really made me feel welcomed...
Debbi you always have something funny and kind to tell me
Christy you NEVER miss a post that needs commenting on. Your kind words often save my day..simply put.
Somer Love It really dont get much better than you my love..From funny post, cute pugs and heart felt comments you cover it all and I love you for it!!
Cindy As if you and your sweet self isnt enough..Theres Reilly!! Your wit & sweet demeanor continue to amaze me.
Katey You are all kinds of amazing..You leave me the most genuine comments and sweetest thoughts ever. You inspire me so so much and I have learned so much from you..and not just CF wise.
Cara Sweet Beautiful Cara!! Anytime I think Im gonna pout or get down I read your comments and blog! You crack me up and always leave me smiling weather it be from S destroying the house or you posting the nicest "Im gonna beat you at lung functions" post ever.
M You are 1 of the best CF advocate people ever..You always leave me words of encouragement..You have 2 of the cuttest babies EVER and you even gave me my very 1st blog award ( I just dont know how to use it =D )Thank you for sharing "A cure for Lil' Chris" and being so wonderful at all you do.
Phoenix's Mom You ALWAYS jump on every oppertunity to spread the word about CF..You amaze, inspire and encourage me more than you know..Not to mention Phenny man stole my heart!!
And last but NOT least
Graciy AKA Gracie, Gracie loo, Grace or whatever else I call her.. This one right here is diffrent.. I love you all and Im pretty sure I just expressed that but G is diffrent shes not a CFer and shes not a CF mom..Shes a CF wife which is why I think we bonded diffrent she knows more about my side of things and because of that we have gotten a little closer than most of my other blog loves..All you CFers get to bond with other CFers and CF mommies bond with CF mommies so I guess this CF wifey just bonded with that CF wifey..But whatever be the reason we bonded the way we did I am forever greatful..
Gracie loo you are so wonderful and I ♥ You like woah..You have kept me sane and shared alot with me..THANK YOU!

So just in case you hvae not got the message yet..
THANK YOU all for being so nice, accepting, and for all the wonderful comments!
Each one of you are special to me and I am so very glad I got to meet you in this big world of blogness.



  1. You just made me cry.. thanks.

  2. Your post made my day :) Thanks for the sweet words! You are in inspiration to me, and I'm sure many many more. I love reading your posts, getting an idea on how you feel about CF and how you deal with it! It is intersesting to me to see how people deal with things differently...and you always have a positive attitude!!

  3. Awwwww, that is so sweet!!!

    I'm glad you're going to keep on blogging. I'd miss you very much if you'd stop.

  4. I love the ... after shared a lot with me lol! I love you times a million!!!!! Yes any time I need to talk about something nasty enough to replace it with a ... I do call you ;o) I am so greatful to have you to teach me all the things I am still learning about CF. Your my Buddy!

  5. Ahhhh Kell!! Thanks so much! You are so amazing and M is so lucky to have you as a wife!!! The things you do for him blow me away sometimes...

    I need your e mail I want to send ya something... Xo

  6. Awww, you're awesome! I'm SO glad that we were able to "meet". I love my bloggy friends, and feel like I really, truly know them & count them as true friends. Keep on blogging, don't let mean comments hurt you or keep you from blogging. HUGS!!!

  7. You are so sweet, Kelli! Anyone would be crazy to doubt your sincerity and they are missing out big time by not letting you into the CF community with open arms. You are amazing, friend!

  8. Awww, thanks for the kind words. You're the BEST!!! I have enjoyed reading your blog SO much!! You are so full of great CF info and I love picking your brain with all kinds of questions...and you are always more than helpful with everything! I can't thank you enough. I love learning from you:) I'm SO glad you are still blogging;-) Keep up the GREAT Work!
    PS. YOU ROCK!!