Monday, April 6, 2009

I Now Deliver...

Hey Hey my love's!! Ok so I will start today and go backwards because..well whats the fun in go in correct order?!? Today Michael & I got up to go get some stuff from the ward's army navy store =) M has decided he needs a Indiana Jones bag for our upcoming vacation!! which happens to be in 4 days woo hoo!! Well after our trip to the store we met up with my bestie Mal. Man I sure did miss her =) Yesterday.. We went and had dinner at my fav. ( Out Back ) went to the pet store & had a lazy day. Saturday.. So me being the bright little ray of sunshine I am I decided I was gonna get me a quick tan..Right?? ha..I just layed out for 2 1/2 little hours...And I FRIED!! But I did see quite possibly one of the funniest thigs ever!! A yorkie in a pool..after I pushed my little brother in with all his clothes on =) Friday & the rest of the days were fun..Michael has been feeling really good..spent some time playing with the Slimes and he spent some time with his friend we call Z~Man..We had couple time and watched some sappy chick flicks together ;)..We planned the rest of our little family vacation... The guys decided they were gonna do dinner and give me the night off..this is what they "cooked" ..And Slimer well hes just been Slimer..Gumby is still alive and the power chewer kong is still a hit as long as it has food stuffed in it. I promised you guys pictures and videos so....Coming up I have Slimer eating the kong and Michael being Michael =)
Hahahahahaha Michael hula hooping on the wii..Quite entertaining


Closing with a quick serenade ( I dont have a clue if thats how you spell that perhaps joshie can proof read for me also lol )

There ya go..As promised =)
Oh and its 11:38 so I didnt break my promise =D


  1. your a crazy lady! I'll ask josh when I get home if thats spell right lol just to make him feel loved yah know ;o)

    Have fun with the boys and please please please don't use baby oil next time. When does that ever work the way we want... it's 39 here today so I know i won't be out in the sun with out clothing.

  2. holy cow I just watched that video and Josh sings that song all the time and I never knew what the heck it was lol he makes me sing along.... I still don't know were it's from and I am not sure I want to. Oh and the wii vid was ockward...really ockward. You really need a girl in the house

  3. I always love your video's of M, he is sooooo funny! Makes my day:)
    BTW, I have something for you over at my blog:)

  4. Hula hoop on the Wii??? I really might need to get one of those!!

    Glad all is well!! Have the best family trip ever!

    Ps I think you need to cook for now on that was quite the dinner...