Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes Its Still Happening..

I am still being harassed about being "fake"
I received a e mail today saying how "if I was real" or "really had a CF husband" I would have more personal things on my blog...This one kinda threw me for a loop...I mean..How much more personal can I get?? I post every personal feeling I have on here especially when it comes to CF.. Anyway this is a opportunity for me! A blogger friend was joking with me a made the statement "I bet you really go crazy not being able to organize all the meds" now we all know I am a bit OCD and most of us know it is quite a task to keep all meds organized BUT I think I do pretty good for a OCDer =)...

Not only will these pictures show you my "organized" attempts at M's meds...They will also touch on the "personal" side showing M's name...WhAt?!? Michael Perkins name on a prescription for Cystic Fibrosis medication!!! Who in the heck would have thought that!!!!

OK so I know most of you are thinking "why is she letting this bother her"...It upsets me I guess because I am so passionate about CF and finding a cure..Of all things to accuse me of lying about CF is not 1 of them...I really really can give you a list of things that I am truly guilty of and make it alot more interesting I promise...

On to bigger & better..Our vacation is just 2 days away!! woo hoo I'm gonna miss you guys tho =(.
M is having some sinus problems still BUT holy cow apple cider vinegar works miracles!! Did y'all know that??
I was googling ways to keep from peeling after a sun burn and it said blot with also listed 101 other good things ACV was good for.. It said if you have a nose bleed to soak a cotton ball in ACV and put it in the tip of the bleeding nostril..Guess what?? It stopped immediately..and I'm not talking a "little" nose bleed..M's normally last 15 mins and look like a war zone!
It also said to put 2 tsp. of ACV in a 8oz glass of water and drink it to thin mucus and get rid of a sinus issue..we kind of chuckled at this 1 because CF sinuses are not "typical" so we didn't think this would work.whats the harm in trying?? 2 hours after drinking the water M could breath 75% better and had no sinus headache anymore (All this is according to M)
And I have yet to peel!! Kudos to Apple Cider Vinegar!!

Off to dinner!


  1. It would bother me too Kellee. This makes me really mad though. With all the crap those of us in the CF community have to put up with regarding our (or our child/spouse/parent/partner's) illness, none of us need anyone accusing us of being a poser! HOLY COW.. don't these people have ANYTHING better to do than go around and look for CF blogs that might be fake?

    Sorry you have to deal with this Kellee and even more sorry that you have to justify to these RUDE people that M really does have CF.

  2. No room for food! Looks like a CFer's place to me!

    Have a great vacation!

  3. If i took a picture of all my meds you might just die... kellee I am so for really. Sorry about your very own crazy person.

    I am so going to try the ACV thing! J's doctors stopped doing surgerys because there is nothing left. He doesn't even take meds for it because there no help. So I am not kidding when I say I am calling you right now then going to walmart.

  4. I drink a Tbl spoon of ACV every day! and double up if I think I am getting something. The Braggs brand works the best!

  5. BTW love the new look of your blog!

  6. Great organization! I'm pretty OCD when it comes to organizing and staying neat. I have a box underneath my bathroom counter with "extra" meds that I'm either currently not using or that are just extra...and I reorganize that box at least once a month.

    I'm excited for your vacation! I hope ya'll have a great time!

    That's neat about the ACV thing. My dad has awful sinus/allergy issues.and he recently said he felt like he couldn't breathe very well...maybe i'll make him try that!

    And about this person who keeps commenting that your fake...i've had several comments too...just ignore it...they don't know what they are talking about and are just out right RUDE!!!

    Oh...and I absolutely LOVE the new colors/design of your blog!!

  7. People shouting "fraud" to other CFers is already getting old and I've only been blogging for a month. As you know, I had the same type of thing happen to me at I posted the woman's letter to me on my blog if anybody wants to read it.

    I could understand if you were asking for money, then maybe I would do some due diligence, but you're not and I enjoy your blog!!!

    Keep writing and I'll keep reading!


  8. Looks like Breezy's meds im a bit OCD