Monday, August 31, 2009


Let me take you to step by step through my morning.

9:02- Wake up and look at phone
9:08- Must pee so I get up
9:12- Kiss my sweet M awake
9:15- Realize I didn't fix M's pills last night for this am so I start to fix them for the next 2 weeks.
9: something. who really cares- I take M his pills with his (always full) water bottle.

Conversation starts.

M- Huh I cant believe I still have pills
K- What do you mean?
M- I have not run out yet
K- I don't understand
M- Since you know...Mom died
K- Silently thinks....

Back story..Michael's Mom re ordered his was what she did and I dare never try to take that away or take over. When she died I obviously did.

I return to the kitchen still pondering what just happen and finish emptying his old pills all into the new bottles I just received in the mail..that I just reordered. Like I have every 2 1/2 months. Since last November.
But for right now my friends I did not have the heart to say anything else.
Right now I will be the pill fairy. Just add it to my list.
If I can say so myself I'm the coolest fairy ever actually.
I'm so cool I never let things like PSP's, chargers, keys, games, wallets or shoes stay in the lost world of "but I put them right here"
I don't let dust settle very long before I swoop in (obviously invisible) and pledge it up.
The floor stays pretty darn clean.
I most always have a warm dinner on the table by 6:30
I manage to keep all favorite Ghost buster shirts clean even when he knows he just threw that in the dirty laundry basket.
And now I'm so dang awesome I manage to not let much needed medicine run completely out. Since November

Can you see her?? You know the Pill fairy??

Wanna hear the funny part?!
I look just like Kellee.
I even act like here, talk like her and nag like here.
Ha what a small world.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog help Please

Hey guys!!
Hope you all are feeling good!
We are all good here.
M's still feeling great and Slime pot is healing SLOWLY.
Believe it or not I am the one kinda sick
Although when one lives with, cares for, is married to or dating a CFer you cant really get sick. Atleast not in my brain. It seems as if "my throat is sore" or "my nose is stopped up" is quite trivial to "I cant breath" "Ive had 10 nose bleeds today" or "my sputum is really dark" so I just hush smile and take medicine :).
Luckily M is a smart one and picks up on the extra tissues add to the already near bout over flowing bathroom trash and takes care of me :). I love him. No really I REALLY LOVE THAT MAN.

So reason for my post and post title.
How can I look up blogs? Like say I wanted to search photography blogs.
When Im looking for new CF blogs I just click under one of you guys and in the intrest section most of you have Cystic Fibrosis and I just click that. But what Im looking for (which is not really photography I was just using that as an example) is not listed under any of yalls intrest. Leave it to me to be odd and want to read about something none of my 33 followers.
Anywho please help me if ya can!!
Thanks in advance!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home with an update

Hi guys!!
We are home from Mexico!
We had fun and took lots of pics, but we are so glad to be back home for some rest!

Thanks for all the prayers and a extra thanks to Somer Love (I just like her whole name) for telling me about Seagate Olive Leaf Nose & Throat spray...Michael did not even have a heavy cough fit while there and still (knock on wood) he is feeling in no problems at all!!

M's dog bite is still a hole but he says it dont hurt much at all (Thank You Jesus)
Slimer on the other hand breaks my heart...Hes pretty beat up =(

The animal control put the attack dog down and let us know he was up tp date on his shote..They have sent his body to the lab to test for any kind of disease and we should know something soon.

Thats all for the Perkins family for now.
Please keep Kori and her family in you prayers & stay well!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm pretty sure today has to be a horrid dream and I just have not woke up yet.
We got up at 10 after a very long night of prepping for our Mexico trip.
All was well I was confirming plane tickets and my dear friend Jason said he was gonna walk Slimer. No big deal Slimer walks ON HIS LEASH several times a day. The neighbors love him, play with him and often feed him while he snorts, grunts and mostly passes gas. But that's not the case for sir.

My phone rings and its Jason so I just opened the door to see what he needs. I see 2 of my neighbors. 1 is shooting his gun and 1 is throwing his kids bike! As I walk out I see Slimer being attacked by a huge brown dog. I also see Jason with skin and blood everywhere I went right in to spaz mode crying and shaking (OK maby I love my dog a bit more than normal but whatever) M sees whats happening and runs down the hill (while loosing my shoes in the street) to help Jason who is trying so hard to save Slimer. Gun shots, a flying rake, blood curdling screams of pain from Michael and Jason...Panic! The neighbor thought he shot M and is screaming for help..Panic!! So I call 911 answer 500 questions, M comes running up the hill..blood everywhere (keep in mind I'm married to a CFer..I normally don't panic easily and I'm used to blood and what knot) EVERYWHERE!!! Slimes bleeding, M is bleeding, Jason is bleeding its was horrid! FINALLY the ambulance gets here takes J and M in the ambulance to the er and I called a friend to take Slime to the vet.

End of the story..Jason has 15 bites and 4 puncture holes, Michael has 5 Teeth deep puncture holes and Slimer is at the vet. The vet says he should be good to come home tomorrow (he fought really hard) and the Dr's say the guys will be ok..We just have to wait and see if the dog has rabies. The family of the attack dog has not even tried to come talk to us. Slimer was on a leash and their dog was just let out freely to go "play". As you can imagine this is more than likely going to turn into a very ugly situation. Their dog has killed 2 dogs in our neighborhood already!! Animal control has picked him up and hes at the pound now to be watched for 7-10 days. Please Please pray that he has had his shots (like a good human should have done)and that Jason and Michael heal just fine. We are leaving for Mexico in a few hours and I'm so nervous about going now! I just pray all goes well! One of M's wounds is still bleeding pretty bad so if you would throw in a extra prayer for that I be oh so thankful!!

Ima miss you guys while I'm gone BUT I will be praying for you all as normal and look forward to all my catch up reading!
Stay Well!!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good news is better late than never!

Hey guys!!
Sorry I did not update sooner.
We have had a busy busy week! We are going to Mexico on thursday so we have been rushed getting passports and birth certificates and all this other garbage.. Anyway not important..
What is important tho is what happend when we had clinic visit on Monday..ok so Im a week late..cry for me =)
M had a bet with 2 of his CF buddies that he could blow harder so I had to make a video of his PFT's..Lucky for me it also makes a neat blog post!! Enjoy the video but minus the sarcastic hoop la aimed at M's buddies.

Thats right 102%...never in my 7 years of going to these visits has it ever been over 96% and that was only 1 time!! M's baseline is in the 70's.
Needless to say we have done lots of celebrating =)


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just sayin Hi

Hey guys!
Everything is going really well here..well I mean kinda.
M is still having alot of sinus crud but we got some new nasal rinse with a antibiotic in it and it seems to help a little..we just started it yesterday but he does feel some better so Im all smiles =)
We moved his clinic appt. to this Monday at 2:00 so hopefully I can bring yall back some good numbers!!

On a very sour note..
I think most of you know Josh & Graciy but if not I encourage you to check out their blog.
Anyway tragedy has struck their family and they need all the prayers they can get.
Sorry for lack of details Im sure she will post as soon as she can.
Please please say an extra prayer for them along with the intire family..My heart really hurts for them as I can remember how awful it was for Michael & I.
Also will you please keep Kori and family in your prayers as they are facing the most difficult time so far on their already difficult journey.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Please Pray

Hey guys
Please Please pray for Josh & Graciy.
Im not gonna go into details bc I dont know if its ok yet BUT something awful has happend and they need many prayers.
Prayers for peace and understanding.


Monday, August 3, 2009


Please say extra prayers for Michael.
Hes sick =(
Fever is 103 =( =(