Monday, August 31, 2009


Let me take you to step by step through my morning.

9:02- Wake up and look at phone
9:08- Must pee so I get up
9:12- Kiss my sweet M awake
9:15- Realize I didn't fix M's pills last night for this am so I start to fix them for the next 2 weeks.
9: something. who really cares- I take M his pills with his (always full) water bottle.

Conversation starts.

M- Huh I cant believe I still have pills
K- What do you mean?
M- I have not run out yet
K- I don't understand
M- Since you know...Mom died
K- Silently thinks....

Back story..Michael's Mom re ordered his was what she did and I dare never try to take that away or take over. When she died I obviously did.

I return to the kitchen still pondering what just happen and finish emptying his old pills all into the new bottles I just received in the mail..that I just reordered. Like I have every 2 1/2 months. Since last November.
But for right now my friends I did not have the heart to say anything else.
Right now I will be the pill fairy. Just add it to my list.
If I can say so myself I'm the coolest fairy ever actually.
I'm so cool I never let things like PSP's, chargers, keys, games, wallets or shoes stay in the lost world of "but I put them right here"
I don't let dust settle very long before I swoop in (obviously invisible) and pledge it up.
The floor stays pretty darn clean.
I most always have a warm dinner on the table by 6:30
I manage to keep all favorite Ghost buster shirts clean even when he knows he just threw that in the dirty laundry basket.
And now I'm so dang awesome I manage to not let much needed medicine run completely out. Since November

Can you see her?? You know the Pill fairy??

Wanna hear the funny part?!
I look just like Kellee.
I even act like here, talk like her and nag like here.
Ha what a small world.



  1. You are so funny! And you are a GREAT wife!

  2. Love it!!! I'm sure you are the best pill fairy out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. this really makes me want to cry. Your not alone sweet fary.

  4. Just checking on you...hope you are feeling better!

    Also, I left you a blog award on my blog last week...sorry I'm just now telling you!

  5. Amazing post. Amazing example of the the courage it takes to be there for someone in healing. You are an angel.