Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog help Please

Hey guys!!
Hope you all are feeling good!
We are all good here.
M's still feeling great and Slime pot is healing SLOWLY.
Believe it or not I am the one kinda sick
Although when one lives with, cares for, is married to or dating a CFer you cant really get sick. Atleast not in my brain. It seems as if "my throat is sore" or "my nose is stopped up" is quite trivial to "I cant breath" "Ive had 10 nose bleeds today" or "my sputum is really dark" so I just hush smile and take medicine :).
Luckily M is a smart one and picks up on the extra tissues add to the already near bout over flowing bathroom trash and takes care of me :). I love him. No really I REALLY LOVE THAT MAN.

So reason for my post and post title.
How can I look up blogs? Like say I wanted to search photography blogs.
When Im looking for new CF blogs I just click under one of you guys and in the intrest section most of you have Cystic Fibrosis and I just click that. But what Im looking for (which is not really photography I was just using that as an example) is not listed under any of yalls intrest. Leave it to me to be odd and want to read about something none of my 33 followers.
Anywho please help me if ya can!!
Thanks in advance!!



  1. Have you just tried google searching whatever it is you want to look up and then add the word "blog" at the end? IDK?

  2. I have no idea odd blogger. I have looked for a blog search engine and came up with nada. Let me know if you find anything.... or I'll just be all stalkerish and look back here. someone is bound to know.