Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good news is better late than never!

Hey guys!!
Sorry I did not update sooner.
We have had a busy busy week! We are going to Mexico on thursday so we have been rushed getting passports and birth certificates and all this other garbage.. Anyway not important..
What is important tho is what happend when we had clinic visit on Monday..ok so Im a week late..cry for me =)
M had a bet with 2 of his CF buddies that he could blow harder so I had to make a video of his PFT's..Lucky for me it also makes a neat blog post!! Enjoy the video but minus the sarcastic hoop la aimed at M's buddies.

Thats right 102%...never in my 7 years of going to these visits has it ever been over 96% and that was only 1 time!! M's baseline is in the 70's.
Needless to say we have done lots of celebrating =)



  1. !!!!!!! Holy Cow !!!!!!!! What have you been doing?

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely calls for a celebration!!!!

    Praying for you guys!!!

  3. that is AMAZING!!!!!!!! way to go!!!!!!!!!

  4. IT KILLS me that they didn't have nose clips....

    GREAT JOB M!!!!!

    PS Still no Yahoo or whatever that drink is I don't think we have them hear.

  5. What the crap? No nose clips???? I remember giving them to Casey for Barbie Doll ear phones. LOL.

    Way to go M!!! You make all us CFers look bad, even us post-transplanters. geeze!

    Have a great time in Mexico and take tons of pics.