Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just sayin Hi

Hey guys!
Everything is going really well here..well I mean kinda.
M is still having alot of sinus crud but we got some new nasal rinse with a antibiotic in it and it seems to help a little..we just started it yesterday but he does feel some better so Im all smiles =)
We moved his clinic appt. to this Monday at 2:00 so hopefully I can bring yall back some good numbers!!

On a very sour note..
I think most of you know Josh & Graciy but if not I encourage you to check out their blog.
Anyway tragedy has struck their family and they need all the prayers they can get.
Sorry for lack of details Im sure she will post as soon as she can.
Please please say an extra prayer for them along with the intire family..My heart really hurts for them as I can remember how awful it was for Michael & I.
Also will you please keep Kori and family in your prayers as they are facing the most difficult time so far on their already difficult journey.



  1. XOXOOXXO Keeping my fingers crossed for mon!

  2. Saline rinses are so cleansing. I recommend it to my non-CF friends and family when they feel lousy! Hope his numbers look good and he feels good!