Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm pretty sure today has to be a horrid dream and I just have not woke up yet.
We got up at 10 after a very long night of prepping for our Mexico trip.
All was well I was confirming plane tickets and my dear friend Jason said he was gonna walk Slimer. No big deal Slimer walks ON HIS LEASH several times a day. The neighbors love him, play with him and often feed him while he snorts, grunts and mostly passes gas. But that's not the case for sir.

My phone rings and its Jason so I just opened the door to see what he needs. I see 2 of my neighbors. 1 is shooting his gun and 1 is throwing his kids bike! As I walk out I see Slimer being attacked by a huge brown dog. I also see Jason with skin and blood everywhere I went right in to spaz mode crying and shaking (OK maby I love my dog a bit more than normal but whatever) M sees whats happening and runs down the hill (while loosing my shoes in the street) to help Jason who is trying so hard to save Slimer. Gun shots, a flying rake, blood curdling screams of pain from Michael and Jason...Panic! The neighbor thought he shot M and is screaming for help..Panic!! So I call 911 answer 500 questions, M comes running up the hill..blood everywhere (keep in mind I'm married to a CFer..I normally don't panic easily and I'm used to blood and what knot) EVERYWHERE!!! Slimes bleeding, M is bleeding, Jason is bleeding its was horrid! FINALLY the ambulance gets here takes J and M in the ambulance to the er and I called a friend to take Slime to the vet.

End of the story..Jason has 15 bites and 4 puncture holes, Michael has 5 Teeth deep puncture holes and Slimer is at the vet. The vet says he should be good to come home tomorrow (he fought really hard) and the Dr's say the guys will be ok..We just have to wait and see if the dog has rabies. The family of the attack dog has not even tried to come talk to us. Slimer was on a leash and their dog was just let out freely to go "play". As you can imagine this is more than likely going to turn into a very ugly situation. Their dog has killed 2 dogs in our neighborhood already!! Animal control has picked him up and hes at the pound now to be watched for 7-10 days. Please Please pray that he has had his shots (like a good human should have done)and that Jason and Michael heal just fine. We are leaving for Mexico in a few hours and I'm so nervous about going now! I just pray all goes well! One of M's wounds is still bleeding pretty bad so if you would throw in a extra prayer for that I be oh so thankful!!

Ima miss you guys while I'm gone BUT I will be praying for you all as normal and look forward to all my catch up reading!
Stay Well!!



  1. Holy cow! Definitely praying for you guys and for Slimer.

  2. OMG how horrible!!!! I hope they are all doing okay now and that you can enjoy your trip! xo


  3. Whoa!!!! What kind of dog is the other dog? I'll pray for M's wounds and that you guys have a great trip to Mexico!!!


  4. OH NO!!!!!!!!! I hope all 3 are ok! MEan dog that dog needs to be put down! ASAP before this happens again.

  5. WOW...crazy!! Glad everyone is ok!!! I'll be praying for all mentioned above~

  6. Wow, I just saw this and can't believe it! I saw the latest blog first and know that M is healing and the dog was put down. Looks like Slimer really got worked over, too!

    I would have totally freaked out.

  7. I am so sorry that I didn't know sooner!