Thursday, April 30, 2009

I need your help

Hey guys I need you all to help me.
I got asked to do a post on Cystic Fibrosis for jist of my blogging there is to explaine and introduce CF...I was really weary of doing this b/c of all the problems "blog stalker" has caused and I hate people saying stuff like "you dont have CF so how can you write about it" anyway long story short I talked to M and he encouraged me to go ahead and do it reminding me how much teaching people about CF means to me...the more people read they more they understand the more awarness gets i did the post..well part 1 of it so please go read it and please please please give me your 100% honest opinion...brutally honest please.

Click here to check it out and thanks in advance!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boo Hoo

Im Addict....
To blogger...I tried to log in and got a error message and almost cried..

Also addicted to comments...
Im sad I have gotten no comment love from you guys like normal...

Post from Christy, Kori and Graciy

And I totally have noting to post for you guys..
M feels good..CF visit on the 11th which happens to be his birthday..Kinda nervous because he has been coughing a bit but I think its sinus related..but ha what do I know?? His sinus doctor said he looked good..within reason. He is still on cloud 9 about meeting Dan Aykroyd and the people down the street at gamestop are amazed that he has a delorean and have him coming up there nearly everyday to "show off" so hes totally loving that.

Slimer is still very much himself..he has put on some more weight and has some how managed to NOT kill gumby ;) We took him to pets mart today and he was pretty good!! He did his goofy little squeal of a bark everytime he saw another animal..
Oh man I forgot about this!! There is a huge fake deer outside of pets mart ( I know weird ) well when Slimer freaked out about it...It was so funny I guess he thought it was real but he flipped dude I thought I was gonna pee my pants or dress whatever.

And as for yours truly here..I have an ear infection from hell and have been having a blast spending alot of time with Mallory hanging out at the pool =)

Anyway Im off to love on my babies and Im sure do some sort of nagging about something ;)


Friday, April 24, 2009

Grilling Goodness

1. When you were in school, did you study hard or cram the night before?
Never studied...luckily it just came natural..Thank you Jesus!!

2. What can pull you out of a really funky mood?
Michael unless he put me in that said funky mood...Then its slimer and friends!!

3. Do you keep the invoice after you've paid the bill?

4. Do you have yard sales? Shop at them?
Nope..every once in a while M and I will stop but its rare

5. When was the last time you rode a rollercoaster?
At six flags 2 weeks ago

6. Spring you do such things as wash your windows?
Spring?!? I do that crap daily!!!! lol HELLOOOOO OCD

7. How often do you clean out your refrigerator?
Every other day LOL...Again OCD.

8. Have you ever been a victim of identity theft?
Yes along with other stupid stalker stuff!!! GRRRR

Happy & Handsome Ghostbuster

Hey guys!!
Guess what we spent today doing?!?!?!?


As most of you know M is a HUGE Ghostbusters fan and Dan is "the heart & Soul" of the ghostbusters...
I let the pictures tell you the rest of the story!!

Oh and M would kick my butt if I didnt tell you to go HERE and know that "the guy dressed as a ghostbuster" mentioned in the interview is him..As in Michael Perkins =)

Hope you all are having a wonderful day and have a splendid weekend...I will be soaking up the sun ALLLLL day tomorrow with my Mallory at the pool ahh!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yes I really did a post like this

Yes I got tired of sitting here being bored so I took pictures of M

Yes I took even more

Yes M really has these dirty little feet on my clean white couch

And YES I am moments away from posting pictures of Slimer..But this time it will be a bit funnier than normal..
Thanks to my WONDERFUL blog lovie *Somer* for giving me the upcoming idea..

Yes Slimer really is bald...Yes bald as in no hair
Yes I got tired of stressing over Slimer's hair making M sick so with all the credit going to the said Somer I took him to be shaved today.

Yes he really is still just as happy

Yes he now has 3...yes I said 3!!! neck rolls

And YES I really am super lucky to have these 2 men in my life ♥

Oh and Yes I really never blog about Titus..remember the outside dog that wont potty train so Yes he really is this dirty

Ha and Yes I reallay am not very happy he (titus) has made my yard look really bad by tearing up any and everything he can!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For YOU cfers

Hey guys!

Caremarx sent us the wrong enzymes again!!
They sent us Pancrea Carb mt 16's and M can only take Pancrease mt 16's for some reason anything besides that makes him so so so sick...well because they already arrived in our home caremarx will not take them back or refund them so they are sitting nicely still in the package with all the original packing in our utliity room!! We have 3 boxes of them...200 bottles...or a 90 day supply however you wanna look at it and they are of no use to us..yes I twitch as i say that since it was 273 buckaroos!

Anyway..If any of you guys take them we would be so very happy to send you the un opened 2 boxes rather than trash them so please please let me know if you want them.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mamma Bloggers

Ok guys its time for another "raising Kellee" time...

Someone wanna tell me how to tweet on twitter??? in detail...



Be very envious...

For I my loves live with 2 of the sexiest men alive.

Oh and ofcourse as I was writing this post I here insane laughter from outside....I go and see...

My wonderful child ripped his brand new school pants while attempting to workout with Michael.

I love my life!
I have the most amazing husband, the cutest dog, the funniest kid, a splendid best friend and a pretty darn clean house...ah what more could a Kellee want? (besides a cure for CF)


Monday, April 20, 2009

Have I told you I hate MRSA

If I have not let me do so now.

Got a call today about M's last culture from the sinus doctor and guess what?!?
Sinus infection growing MRSA!! So we have to go friday at 10 to see the doctor..where Im sure they he will tell us "Time for a clean out" and then we will be sent to Dr.S at the CF clinic to see if M's lungs are strong enough right now or if they need IV's so either way Im sure we will be heading to the hospital friday or soon after..BOO..NOT HAPPY

M says he feels good though so Im grateful for that..I just wish he could have a longer strech of being well and at home..Anyway please keep M in your prayers..hopefully this will be smoother than the last few.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hurry & Help..But be simple

Yes I know I ask alot..=)

So I am in rare Kellee form today and just got done explaining to my household that if I had to go behind them and pick up simple things such as the HUGE piece of wood they just knocked out of my NEW coffee table one more time I was going to turn into the most evil mary poppins ever..needless to say my house is VERY quite right now...Im not even sure where slimer is..

At any rate back to this rare K form..I decided I would cook to make myself happier since my usual outlet of cleaning is causing a twitch in my brain..As of right now I have chicken breast soaking in dressing for tomorrow..I have turkey & dressing in the over for tonight (M's fav..I am aware its not thanksgiving but w/e) with cream corn, cranberry and greenbean cassarole and I may do homemade mac & cheese..When I got the chicken breast out of the oven I saw this dang whole chicken I have had for sometime now..Problem is I dont know what the heck to do with a whole chicken so...


Blog Loves??


Id really love suggestions for the crock pot ( yes again I know Im being picky..just love me its one of those days )

K thanks =)

Oh yea Mallory still needs blog love so go go go!!!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh And..

Michael just stopped me mid cooking dinner together and danced to Bryan Adams Please Forgive Me therefore I just fell that much more in love with him.

I Love You Michael Perkins


Not much to say..

Nope not much to say today...

Im burnt therefore I itch

Michael is feeling good there for I am happy.

My house is not as clean as Id like therefore yea I dont care.

Slimer has not torn anyhting up therefore I am proud.

Spring Break is almost over therefore I am highly anticipating Sunday night's arrival.

Grace left me the most awesome voicemail therefore I overlook that I have not talked to her in a week. (And have missed her so)

Mallory has spent the last 2 days with me therefore I am OH SO HAPPY.

Its gonna rain tomorrow therefore I cant layout.

I just wrote a amazingly boring post therefore you have something to read.

My post is over therfore I am bored.

Yes this really just happend.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Grilling Goodness

1. Do you prefer reality tv or dramas or comedies?
Sadly I am a reality tv addict

2. If you could have free cosmetic surgery, what would you have done?
a nip here and a tuck there pick up mu boobs get rid of tha gut ya know just the usual.

3. What are you itching to get but you have 'bitten the bullet'?
A pool, hot tub and new clothes

4. Do you have a bad habit that you hope your children don't pick up?
Im way OCD

5. What was your favorite meal growing up?
Grits and cheese

6. What meal did you have as a youngster that you don't have as an adult?
Nasty beeanie weanies....ehhhh akkkk

7. What is your earliest memory of a "vacation"? Where'd you go?
Disney on ice

8. What was the "Best Thing" you ever got for Christmas, before age 12?
Ummm IDK...i loved a dog i got 1 year =)



Hey guys...
My bestie Mallory just started her a blog..go check it out!!
She not a CFer/CF spouse or CF mom BUT she is the wife of a recently deployed marine.
This time apart is difficult on her and I think the best thing for Mal is a wonderful blog family like mine =).


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vacation Pics!!

Ok guys heres some of our pictures..I cant put alot of them up because our newest addition is in them and "nasty stupid blog stalker" causes problems so..
Anyway I uploaded them into a one true media thing so I didnt post 700 pictures in a post lol.
View this montage created at One True Media
Vacation 09

The Aquarium was really fun..I fell in love with the otters & beluga (sp) whale!!
M loved the Titantic stuff especially the big iceberg!

We didnt take ther camera in six flags because I didnt wanna chance loosing it but we had a blast ther 2!!
We rode everything twice and we all agree that superman, batman and goliath are the best!!
M hated the american scream machine..He said it was like CPT gone wrong =/

We went to the zoo and had A blast!!
And stopped in Montgomery on the way home.
All in all we had a fantastic time and cant wait to take another trip!!

In other news..
M is doing good..having some small sinus problems but other than that he says he feels great..He sang to the very top of his lungs all the way to GA. and is just now getting his voice back..still on a rancid fish stick kick now just with orange moon pies?? go figure..Beat resident evil 3 or 4 times and now hes on a Contra 4 kick.
Hes got a birthday coming up which is always a bitter sweet day for me so Ive got lots of planning to do!!

Slimer is being slimer..Gumby is still alive along with a new duck and the master kong..Chicken gravy is his new fav. thing and hes shedding like a mad dog!!!! How do you prevent that?? besides brushing?? He has decided he dont need to wear his collar all the time so he will pull it off with his paws and sleep on it..BUT when he gets up he brings it back to you and sits for you to put it on...Hes strangly smart.

Pictures are loaded..Treatments are done..House is clean..I thinik Ill go distured Michael P and his contra battle =)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh yea and..

I have A facebook now..Thanks to the awesome Somer Love
Find me..Here I think



Hey guys were home!!
We had a blast and I took 19934912034 pictures that I will post..
Right now I must go un pack and love on my sweet and handsome hubby =D..

Oh and I so missed you guys like woah!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Grilling Goodness..Then Im off

Hey guys!!
Im all packed and ready!! I just needed to say HI, do my grilling goodness then say bye =D

1. What's one of the best things you've seen lately?
Michael talking to J the other day ( you would have just had to have been here )

2. Has Spring brought you something you don't like?
Yes!! Poo sinuses for my Michael..BoO

3. What kind of sandwiches do you like?
Hmmm..Roast beef with cheese and italian dressing..oh and chips on top..weird I know =)

4. Do you carry GermX with you at all times?
Yes..I have 2 to go bottle, a spray, a foam (M's Fav) and a big blue bottle.

5. Does each person in your house have their own hamper or do you have a central hamper for everyone?
M & I have 1 and J has his own.

6. How often do you balance your checkbook?
Yea...umm about that..NEVER

7. What's the hardest thing you've done lately?
Had to ground ( and stick to ) ((Thats the hard part)) J.
And today I gotta bored Slimes :'(

8. Are you a texter?
Simply saying yes is a understatement.

Ok Lovies..I off to the Aquarium, six flags and on a wild animal safari!
Its a no bloggin event =( so I will be blogging and catching up on tuesday!!
Hope you all have a Safe & Well weekend!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

So I am so A..

Bluetooth and ringtone hooch!!
Why I Have 327 ringtones I dont know..O well
Anywho while I was stealing ringtones from I ran across the greatest song ever...I had forgotten how much I loved it..Check it out!!

Oh and BTW Gracie loo I made your ringtone "such Great Heights" but I did the ben folds version =D


You..Yea You..The commenter

You are fabulous my friend!!
Thank you for your comments weather in be CF related or a pick me up comment when I am being Queen Poo Pants.. You guys have helped me more than I could ever thank you for and I just really want you to know that I from the bottom of my heart how much it means to me.
CF is not always easy to deal with and I find it pretty difficult being a non CFer but bloging about CF because I am a CF spouse..Kinda a weird spot to be in..Cant complain to much because Im not sick and I dont know whay CF feels like..Cant answer most direct CF questions because I dont personally know (thanks M for always answering my ?'s for my bloggy people)..Always leary of posting to much because as I have learned your honesty WILL be questioned..But on the flip side I do still have/get the emotion part of CF and I can answers some things because I have been there or have learned "what works best"..I do still get the "Im grumpy because CF.." part so I do find my self sitting on the other side of this screen just blogging away about CF..And as you know from my earlier post I was really questioning if I should continue blogging..I was/am very tired of defending myself or trying to prove myself..I am going to continue..Because A select few of you have really made me feel welcomed...
Debbi you always have something funny and kind to tell me
Christy you NEVER miss a post that needs commenting on. Your kind words often save my day..simply put.
Somer Love It really dont get much better than you my love..From funny post, cute pugs and heart felt comments you cover it all and I love you for it!!
Cindy As if you and your sweet self isnt enough..Theres Reilly!! Your wit & sweet demeanor continue to amaze me.
Katey You are all kinds of amazing..You leave me the most genuine comments and sweetest thoughts ever. You inspire me so so much and I have learned so much from you..and not just CF wise.
Cara Sweet Beautiful Cara!! Anytime I think Im gonna pout or get down I read your comments and blog! You crack me up and always leave me smiling weather it be from S destroying the house or you posting the nicest "Im gonna beat you at lung functions" post ever.
M You are 1 of the best CF advocate people ever..You always leave me words of encouragement..You have 2 of the cuttest babies EVER and you even gave me my very 1st blog award ( I just dont know how to use it =D )Thank you for sharing "A cure for Lil' Chris" and being so wonderful at all you do.
Phoenix's Mom You ALWAYS jump on every oppertunity to spread the word about CF..You amaze, inspire and encourage me more than you know..Not to mention Phenny man stole my heart!!
And last but NOT least
Graciy AKA Gracie, Gracie loo, Grace or whatever else I call her.. This one right here is diffrent.. I love you all and Im pretty sure I just expressed that but G is diffrent shes not a CFer and shes not a CF mom..Shes a CF wife which is why I think we bonded diffrent she knows more about my side of things and because of that we have gotten a little closer than most of my other blog loves..All you CFers get to bond with other CFers and CF mommies bond with CF mommies so I guess this CF wifey just bonded with that CF wifey..But whatever be the reason we bonded the way we did I am forever greatful..
Gracie loo you are so wonderful and I ♥ You like woah..You have kept me sane and shared alot with me..THANK YOU!

So just in case you hvae not got the message yet..
THANK YOU all for being so nice, accepting, and for all the wonderful comments!
Each one of you are special to me and I am so very glad I got to meet you in this big world of blogness.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes Its Still Happening..

I am still being harassed about being "fake"
I received a e mail today saying how "if I was real" or "really had a CF husband" I would have more personal things on my blog...This one kinda threw me for a loop...I mean..How much more personal can I get?? I post every personal feeling I have on here especially when it comes to CF.. Anyway this is a opportunity for me! A blogger friend was joking with me a made the statement "I bet you really go crazy not being able to organize all the meds" now we all know I am a bit OCD and most of us know it is quite a task to keep all meds organized BUT I think I do pretty good for a OCDer =)...

Not only will these pictures show you my "organized" attempts at M's meds...They will also touch on the "personal" side showing M's name...WhAt?!? Michael Perkins name on a prescription for Cystic Fibrosis medication!!! Who in the heck would have thought that!!!!

OK so I know most of you are thinking "why is she letting this bother her"...It upsets me I guess because I am so passionate about CF and finding a cure..Of all things to accuse me of lying about CF is not 1 of them...I really really can give you a list of things that I am truly guilty of and make it alot more interesting I promise...

On to bigger & better..Our vacation is just 2 days away!! woo hoo I'm gonna miss you guys tho =(.
M is having some sinus problems still BUT holy cow apple cider vinegar works miracles!! Did y'all know that??
I was googling ways to keep from peeling after a sun burn and it said blot with also listed 101 other good things ACV was good for.. It said if you have a nose bleed to soak a cotton ball in ACV and put it in the tip of the bleeding nostril..Guess what?? It stopped immediately..and I'm not talking a "little" nose bleed..M's normally last 15 mins and look like a war zone!
It also said to put 2 tsp. of ACV in a 8oz glass of water and drink it to thin mucus and get rid of a sinus issue..we kind of chuckled at this 1 because CF sinuses are not "typical" so we didn't think this would work.whats the harm in trying?? 2 hours after drinking the water M could breath 75% better and had no sinus headache anymore (All this is according to M)
And I have yet to peel!! Kudos to Apple Cider Vinegar!!

Off to dinner!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hey guys!!
I spend alot of my free time on the net ( who would have thought?! ) and I came across this. Its a awesome site that tells you all these amazing little tricks to making your life easy & comfy so to speak.

It gives you healthy recipes and even explaines what certain foods help with certian problems/health issues!! It gives you a awesome selection of books that are good for the soul, List of top 10 foods for any occasion, Energy tricks and ALOT of other cool things!!

Phytolife is good for all of you trying to loose weight or for the "health conscious"
readers. Its a site centered around plant-based nutrients called phytonutrients and it helps you to choose healthy food's that are natural and guaranteed to boost your energy level. is a great place to start if you have decided to boost your well being and energy through a healthy diet and lifestyle immediately.
Anyway I just wanted to pass it on to you guys..I loved it!! So go check it out =)


Monday, April 6, 2009

I Now Deliver...

Hey Hey my love's!! Ok so I will start today and go backwards because..well whats the fun in go in correct order?!? Today Michael & I got up to go get some stuff from the ward's army navy store =) M has decided he needs a Indiana Jones bag for our upcoming vacation!! which happens to be in 4 days woo hoo!! Well after our trip to the store we met up with my bestie Mal. Man I sure did miss her =) Yesterday.. We went and had dinner at my fav. ( Out Back ) went to the pet store & had a lazy day. Saturday.. So me being the bright little ray of sunshine I am I decided I was gonna get me a quick tan..Right?? ha..I just layed out for 2 1/2 little hours...And I FRIED!! But I did see quite possibly one of the funniest thigs ever!! A yorkie in a pool..after I pushed my little brother in with all his clothes on =) Friday & the rest of the days were fun..Michael has been feeling really good..spent some time playing with the Slimes and he spent some time with his friend we call Z~Man..We had couple time and watched some sappy chick flicks together ;)..We planned the rest of our little family vacation... The guys decided they were gonna do dinner and give me the night off..this is what they "cooked" ..And Slimer well hes just been Slimer..Gumby is still alive and the power chewer kong is still a hit as long as it has food stuffed in it. I promised you guys pictures and videos so....Coming up I have Slimer eating the kong and Michael being Michael =)
Hahahahahaha Michael hula hooping on the wii..Quite entertaining


Closing with a quick serenade ( I dont have a clue if thats how you spell that perhaps joshie can proof read for me also lol )

There ya go..As promised =)
Oh and its 11:38 so I didnt break my promise =D