Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boo Hoo

Im Addict....
To blogger...I tried to log in and got a error message and almost cried..

Also addicted to comments...
Im sad I have gotten no comment love from you guys like normal...

Post from Christy, Kori and Graciy

And I totally have noting to post for you guys..
M feels good..CF visit on the 11th which happens to be his birthday..Kinda nervous because he has been coughing a bit but I think its sinus related..but ha what do I know?? His sinus doctor said he looked good..within reason. He is still on cloud 9 about meeting Dan Aykroyd and the people down the street at gamestop are amazed that he has a delorean and have him coming up there nearly everyday to "show off" so hes totally loving that.

Slimer is still very much himself..he has put on some more weight and has some how managed to NOT kill gumby ;) We took him to pets mart today and he was pretty good!! He did his goofy little squeal of a bark everytime he saw another animal..
Oh man I forgot about this!! There is a huge fake deer outside of pets mart ( I know weird ) well when Slimer freaked out about it...It was so funny I guess he thought it was real but he flipped dude I thought I was gonna pee my pants or dress whatever.

And as for yours truly here..I have an ear infection from hell and have been having a blast spending alot of time with Mallory hanging out at the pool =)

Anyway Im off to love on my babies and Im sure do some sort of nagging about something ;)



  1. Yuck on the ear infection! Do the lil Hydrogen peroxide trick...

    I am so glad you shaved Slimer isn't it the best! Love that you told that lady to kiss it :)

  2. Hey tell your husband that ever since my husband has discovered you have a Delorean he has made like a hundred frigging references to "Back to the Future".

    And ouch sorry to hear about the ear infection, no pun intended!

  3. what!!! I so commented you a day ago lady!!!

  4. I want to come to the pool!!!

    Yuck on the ear infection. Those things are awful. I don't know from experience, just watching my daughter go through so many when she was little.

    I rode in a Delorean once. My neighbor's b/f had one back in the 80's. We thought he was the most coolest awesomest guy around... well, he was!

    Glad Gumby isn't dead!!! :)

    OH... I do need to get back to posting. I have had writer's block. LOL.