Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hurry & Help..But be simple

Yes I know I ask alot..=)

So I am in rare Kellee form today and just got done explaining to my household that if I had to go behind them and pick up simple things such as the HUGE piece of wood they just knocked out of my NEW coffee table one more time I was going to turn into the most evil mary poppins ever..needless to say my house is VERY quite right now...Im not even sure where slimer is..

At any rate back to this rare K form..I decided I would cook to make myself happier since my usual outlet of cleaning is causing a twitch in my brain..As of right now I have chicken breast soaking in dressing for tomorrow..I have turkey & dressing in the over for tonight (M's fav..I am aware its not thanksgiving but w/e) with cream corn, cranberry and greenbean cassarole and I may do homemade mac & cheese..When I got the chicken breast out of the oven I saw this dang whole chicken I have had for sometime now..Problem is I dont know what the heck to do with a whole chicken so...


Blog Loves??


Id really love suggestions for the crock pot ( yes again I know Im being picky..just love me its one of those days )

K thanks =)

Oh yea Mallory still needs blog love so go go go!!!



  1. You can do a chicken in dumplings in the crock pot or a chicken tortilla soup...also you can shred all of the chicken meat and crock pot some chicken taco meat.

    Hope that helps. usually has good ones and you can enter the ingredients you want to use and they'll provide some recipes.


  2. Hey, I'm really new at this, and don't know how to reply to comments. =X You commented my blog through Graciy and I wanted to say thank you for your prayers! I'm really building a great relationship with the Lord right now, and it's strengthing through my husband! Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts! =)

  3. If he feels good after Karate class and no vest, imagine after Karate class AND vest! Just throw on the vest after the class and play some video games to unwind!


  4. Hi Kellie, its so nice to meet you! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, You blog is great!! I need to make mine a little more interesting lol, take care and god bless you both!!! See you around

  5. Here are a few ideas for that whole chicken-crock pot idea: put the chicken breast side up in the crock pot with an inch or two of water in the bottom. I sprinkle some salt and rotisserie chicken seasoning on the chicken, and let it cook for 4-5 hours on low. If you have the whole day, you can put it in there frozen and let it cook on low for 7-8 hours. Yummy, delicious!

    My favorite summer time whole chicken recipe is called drunken chicken. Season the chicken with salt, pepper, and any type of seasoning. Again, I use the rotsserie seasoning. Use a can opener to cut the entire top off of your favorite beer (pop the top first), and pour out half of it (or drink it! LOL). Then, preheat one side of your grill to a medium heat, and place the chicken on the can. It will set nicely with the legs down, and I usually fold the wings back, but that's not a requirement. I let it cook on an indirect heat (put it on the half of the grill that is not lit) for an hour to an hour & half. It is delicious!!! Hope these sound good to you!