Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not much to say..

Nope not much to say today...

Im burnt therefore I itch

Michael is feeling good there for I am happy.

My house is not as clean as Id like therefore yea I dont care.

Slimer has not torn anyhting up therefore I am proud.

Spring Break is almost over therefore I am highly anticipating Sunday night's arrival.

Grace left me the most awesome voicemail therefore I overlook that I have not talked to her in a week. (And have missed her so)

Mallory has spent the last 2 days with me therefore I am OH SO HAPPY.

Its gonna rain tomorrow therefore I cant layout.

I just wrote a amazingly boring post therefore you have something to read.

My post is over therfore I am bored.

Yes this really just happend.


1 comment:

  1. ya I still haven't talked to you fruit cake and I am going through withdraws. If you don't call me soon I am going to start leaving comments with really bad spell all over your blog. I will do it lady!