Thursday, April 30, 2009

I need your help

Hey guys I need you all to help me.
I got asked to do a post on Cystic Fibrosis for jist of my blogging there is to explaine and introduce CF...I was really weary of doing this b/c of all the problems "blog stalker" has caused and I hate people saying stuff like "you dont have CF so how can you write about it" anyway long story short I talked to M and he encouraged me to go ahead and do it reminding me how much teaching people about CF means to me...the more people read they more they understand the more awarness gets i did the post..well part 1 of it so please go read it and please please please give me your 100% honest opinion...brutally honest please.

Click here to check it out and thanks in advance!!



  1. I think you did an awesome job!! You told the truth...didn't hide anything!! You told the "true" side of CF. Perfect in my opinion. Can't wait to read part 2.

  2. It's very raw. I think explaining CF through different eyes is a very good way to increase awareness. I would go back over it though and correct the grammatical and spelling errors as they can distract the reader from your ultimate message.


  3. Don't forget about frequent hospitalizations and our increased risk of dehydration due to salt loss. Also, maybe you should point out that the diabetes is not your typical Type 1 or Type 2 but a unique combination directly related to CF. I agree with Ronnie about correcting the spelling/grammar. Otherwise I liked it.