Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yes I really did a post like this

Yes I got tired of sitting here being bored so I took pictures of M

Yes I took even more

Yes M really has these dirty little feet on my clean white couch

And YES I am moments away from posting pictures of Slimer..But this time it will be a bit funnier than normal..
Thanks to my WONDERFUL blog lovie *Somer* for giving me the upcoming idea..

Yes Slimer really is bald...Yes bald as in no hair
Yes I got tired of stressing over Slimer's hair making M sick so with all the credit going to the said Somer I took him to be shaved today.

Yes he really is still just as happy

Yes he now has 3...yes I said 3!!! neck rolls

And YES I really am super lucky to have these 2 men in my life ♥

Oh and Yes I really never blog about Titus..remember the outside dog that wont potty train so Yes he really is this dirty

Ha and Yes I reallay am not very happy he (titus) has made my yard look really bad by tearing up any and everything he can!



  1. Hey you, got your comment on my blog and very happy to connect with you. Funny your personality and your husband as you describe him in your profile, sounds very much like the two of us! Your dog is absolutely handsome, we love English Bulldogs.
    My husband Shawn was looking at the pictures with me and just about jumped out of his seat when he saw the ...."Delorean" (spl) please please he is dying for the details

  2. Slime looks great shaved!!! Osc and Lills agree too! ;)