Friday, April 17, 2009

Grilling Goodness

1. Do you prefer reality tv or dramas or comedies?
Sadly I am a reality tv addict

2. If you could have free cosmetic surgery, what would you have done?
a nip here and a tuck there pick up mu boobs get rid of tha gut ya know just the usual.

3. What are you itching to get but you have 'bitten the bullet'?
A pool, hot tub and new clothes

4. Do you have a bad habit that you hope your children don't pick up?
Im way OCD

5. What was your favorite meal growing up?
Grits and cheese

6. What meal did you have as a youngster that you don't have as an adult?
Nasty beeanie weanies....ehhhh akkkk

7. What is your earliest memory of a "vacation"? Where'd you go?
Disney on ice

8. What was the "Best Thing" you ever got for Christmas, before age 12?
Ummm IDK...i loved a dog i got 1 year =)


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