Friday, May 29, 2009

Michael Ran!

1 whole mile!! walked another mile and then ran a 3rd mile!! He's in better shape than me!! And they say he has CF phsssssh!

Going to the pool to soak up the sun =)
The sun is wonderful today, M feels good and Im turning off the cellular for some nice sweet sun time with my M!

Hope you all have a wonderful day =)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hey guys!
Im sorry I have been a crappy blogger!
Ive been busy.
We had a ER (10 hours) visit thanks to a arthritis flare up...I had no clue it could/would affect the spine and make M unable to move out of no where. But hes ok now and thats what matters.

I have been on a crazy mission to find the perfect wedding dress with Mallory.
Had to switch my phone from at&t to verizon which took 2 days!!
Been on a roller coaster ride called "keep M from buying a horse"...Yea I really mean that...We live in the heart of the city..where in the heck is a horse gonna go???

Nah really I dont care if he gets 1 I just dont want it to be a impulse decision ya know.

Oh and speaking of changing phones...I got the lg versa...uhh it ROCKS!!!!

*****Complete scatter brained subject change******

I have been walking at a local park with Mal the last week or so and tonight M went with us and RAN!! yes M ran around the track!! He ran 1/2 a mile!!! I was so very very proud of him!!!!

Anyway Im off to bed...or to lay..whatever it is I do at night when the rest of the world is sleeping.

**Please say a special prayer for M & I we have a personal issue thats not so easy on the heart right now =(
Nothing bad with us just something thats affects us..Another 1 of the things Cf try to take away kinda thing.**

Night guys

Monday, May 18, 2009

CF update

We went to clinic today and only had to wait 2 hours to be seen =)

I am very pleased to report that M's functions are up from 55% to 81%!! His FEV1 went from 2.05 to 3.56 wooo hoooo!
All his vitals were good =) Including his pulse ox which was 96-97! He was 5'9 and a magical 183 pounds!!
Dr. S told M how pleased he was with his weight and he feels like that is a huge part in him being as healty as he is right now ;)
No med changes but he did order M a sleep study test. We are kind of concerned about how much M wants to sleep.
He all jokes aside could sleep 18-20 hours a day if he had it his way and we all know thats not good so hopefully this sleep study will let us know why hes not getting "restful" sleep.

For his birthday I got him a PKE meter..for all you non ghostbusters fan the PKE meter is something important that they use in the movie..He has been wanting the replica since I met him so I finally broke down and splurged on it. He was so happy he and now he takes it every where with him. He spent his time at clinic using it on all the people..Some of the looks were quite priceless and Dr. S has convinced M to come to his house dressed in full GB suite with all props and investigate his house just to scare his wife! The 2 of them are a mess together!! Hes an awesome doctor and I just love him!! Anyway thats my good clinc report and Ill leave you with M being his goofy self harassing the people at the doctors office today.

Paul's Wedding

Hey guys!! We had alot of fun going to Paul's wedding! Paul is one of M's oldest friends (23 years) and hold's the title of "best friend" but a few years ago Paul moved away and M has not got to see him much. As you can imagine M was super excited!! Jason and I went to the church when M had to go which was 3 hours early for pictures so we got super bored and took lots of pictures =) Yours Truly Jason & I Man of the hour *Paul* Steven (Pauls brother) Paul, Rip (pauls dad) and Michael Goof Ball! Call it LOVE Or call it GROSS ;) AWE!!!! They were so cute! Paul cried almost the whole time and it was so so sweet!! Kudos to you Paul! 2 Cute Lookin handsome for his wifey!!

Michael was on his best behavior which will be displayed in the following videos

We met some really awesome people (Amber & Lonnie) that actually live like 5 mins form where we live and seem like the flippin mirror image of us!! Our hotel was nice but the bed was horrid so when we got back we were all exausted!! So over all it was a quick and fun trip =)


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back home

Hey guys back home and going to nap and un pack.
Pictures and a post later today =)


Friday, May 15, 2009

So I was Sleepy BUT....

I was so excited last night when I blogged to you guys about being tired but then...
I did all the laundry, gave Slimer fresh food and water and then fixed M's nebs..
HA!! He was not playing that easy last sir buddy! He acted like a little kid!! Ya know how when a kid dont wanna take medicine or eat veggies they will put there hand over there mouth and shake there head?? well that my friend is REALLY what M did!!!!! And bad thing is I caught myself playing right along "If you do this 1 treatment Ill make you a banana split" "Come on babe just open your mouth"
And they reality came back in to play and I came to my senses realizing I was begging a 25 year old man to do his medicaton!!!
Long story short I placed my hand on those nice little cords M likes to think so highly of..Known as the power supply to the PS3 and threatned to snatch them out while he was mid race/fight/battle or whatever the heck you call it..Needless to say he quickly decided to do his treatments..=D

So finally I made it to the bed BUT then M decided he needed to make sure I was not upset with him over the treatment thing. ( which I was not just sometimes I must be the stern inforcer to keep him healthy ) He gives me a hard time but then feels bad so he has to make sure everythings ok lol..His way of making sure I was ok was by body slamming me and then starting a massive tickle war followed by a 2 hour conversation from him telling me he was sorry for giving me a hard time and he knows I just want him to be healthy and how much he loves and appriciates me =)!!
It made me happy which made me cry b/c it was so sweet which then made M make fun of me so we laughed an joked around for another hour! Finally at 4 we fell asleep!!

I have to go pack for a weekend getaway/wedding but I will be using my new found obsession *Twitter* so follow and keep up with me if ya want =) Just about all of you guys that have a twitter are set to my text so Ill be able to keep up =D

I hope you all have a healthy and fun weekend!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Super Sleepy

For the 1st time in quite some time I am actually really really sleepy!!
I had a fun day at the pool with Mal, M, Caleb Jason and J...Until it came a tsunami and we were forced to go inside =(. We got quite a bit of sun before having to go in so I'm still excited =).

M has been coughing a little more the past 2 days..lets pray its not a sign of trouble!! We go see Dr. S Monday and I am praying for some good PFT's please also join that prayer chain =)
Speaking of praying please also keep Kayleighs family in your prayers.

M says he has been feeling good and what he is getting up small amounts and is not dark at all..well at least not for him..or for when hes sick.

****Whoa complete random insert****
Im sitting here typing and a churches chicken advertisement came on tv and not 1 word of it was English...I mean I was just thinking I lived in American...but whatever.

Back to your regular reading.
M is in a wedding this weekend and Im so excited!! Hes gonna be SO handsome!!

My IQ is becoming lower...M is watching "yo mamma"

Twitter is my new addiction

I have laundry to do and treatments to start for my ♥

And like previously typed Im sleepy..I must leave you all now..
Dont fret Ill be back =D


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Did I Really?

Just cry to the point of my contacts falling out?
Yes I did..I hope you all watch the Dr's today and saw Adam & Amy
It was amazing! It broke my ♥ but I thought what they did was so kind.

Please continue to pray for this family.


Lets make this easy

Hey guys..
Simple and clear..
Blog stalker sucks so I put a tracer on my blog to show me who visits and what they do..well I was checking it the other day and this is what I saw

414852840 May/13/2009
09:24:18 France MS Internet Explorer 6 Windows XP
Referrer: %2Bfake %2B%22kellee jones%22 (Google)

Date Time Keyword (Search Engine)
05/13/09 09:24:18 +fake +"kellee jones" (Google)
05/12/09 21:31:02 find screen name ps3 michael perkins (Google)

may not make sense because you dont get to see all the detail I get but simply put when you visit my blog it gives me your ip address ans shows me what you stalker googles random things about me which is very sad. How glad I am to not be that pathetic.

Anyway I am making my blog invite only as of tomorrow so please send me an e mail or comment leaving yor e mail address ( I will not publish the comment ) if you would like to still follow my journey.

Thanks guys!!!
Please pray for my sad miserably blog stalker.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am SO excited!!!

Twitter now works on my phone!!!
Follow will have to search my name and let me approve you..gotta keep nosey stalker lady out!!
This is my 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby Kayleigh

For some reason I just have not had the urge to check my blog today..
And now I know why..

Baby Kayleigh passed away last night after a long and courageous battle.
Please say an extra prayer for the freeman family during this time of heartache and grief.

Monday, May 11, 2009

25 and counting!!

Happy Birthday My Michael P!!!

You are one amazing man!
Every year on this day since I met you I have prayed for another year..
Another year with healthy lungs, happy and feel good days, your hugs and kisses..
And for another year now God has answered my prayers..
How thankful & blessed I am..
When I first met you 25 seemed many years away..
At that time I thought if you had CF you only lived to be 27..
Boy have I learned alot since that day =)
I dream of 25+25+25 more birthdays with you..
You amaze me everyday with your ability to live, laugh and love the way you do..
You are unbelievably funny, insanely smart and always inappropriate..
I love you for it..
I love everything about you..
Yes even your driving..well..we can pretend right ;)
I will never be able to say in words how much I love you..
Or how much you mean to me..
I dont think the words exist..
I love how when I say "duck" or "sweet and in love" you already know..
I love how you finish my sentence..
And then how we laugh about it..
Your stubborn, hard headed and rarely listen..
And I wouldnt have it any other way..
You make me laugh until I think Im really going to pee my pants..
And then remind me why I started laughing so hard..
Your the worst at apologizing..
And I think its cute..
You truly give me hell about doing your medicine..
I dont care..I need and want you here for many more years..
You fight ninja style in your sleep often leaving me sore..
But your my favorite cuddle bunnie..
You totally hog the tv with your ps3 and wii..
And I completly love it..
You always smell fabulous..
Even in the hospital..
Your kisses are salty..
And heal chapped lips..
You have taught me so much about life..
The small things..
And for that I am forever thankful..
You are my HERO..
I am so excited and proud to be here with you to say..

We had a wonderful dinner with Cream, Mrs. Bea, Brooke and Shannon tonight!!
We had way to much food and quite a few laughs!!

Michael & his dad with crackers!

Michael & Cream

Brooke, Cream and M

Brooke & Michael

When we 1st got to dinner we had a table outside looking out over the water and right down from where we were sitting was 2 baby alligators!! They were so tiny and cute!! But just a few yards out was the big mamma/daddy! I got a few pictures but you cant see much!! Ill post anyway =)

Yes that tiny dot is the "big" I was talking about =)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Much needed update

Hey guys!
Sorry Im a total blog slacker...bad thing is I dont have a good excuess!
We have had a fun week or so!

Lots of pool time!

A visit to the doctors office ( who would have thought?! )

Everything went well!
All M's labs look good, still a little bit of some sinus trouble, Cortisone shot for the hip and wrist and no new meds!! Pretty good lets pray that the CF clinic visit goes even better!!

We did go to the hospital but thankfully it was not a bad visit!
My baby cousin Kourtne had a baby =)
Shes just as cute as pie!

She is 7 pounds 14 ounces and 20 inches!!
Her name is Katie and shes so so sweet!!
At this point of our journey I was thinking "ok well maby I will have one someday..she sure is cute"
But then we continued our trip into the next room to visit Kourtne

Her story quickly erased my previous thought =D
Nah not really...when the time is right and if it's God's plan.

We spent the last 2 day in the pool...really ALL day and it was a blast!! After the pool last night we made M a suprise banana split with candles! Im all about some birthdays so I think everyday of the month of your birthday you should get suprises =D

It looks pretty gross but..Thats what he likes!!
Extra sprinkles and gummie bears.

I have pretty much been dreading this day for awhile now..But its here so whatever..
Please say a prayer for M and his sister B.. Its quite a difficult day for them both. I cant believe its been almost 6 months!! Its still very un real to me.
I think Slimer can sense M's pain today

He only moves up the couch to lick M's face and then back to his spot =(
We are going to get ready and go visit the grave.
Hopefully the day will get better.

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC mothers day!!!
Please dont forget to say a special prayer for the Mommies we read about that are going through a rough time..No name posting here..I may forget someone! So you know who they are if your an avid blogger =)


Monday, May 4, 2009

Nothing New

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting =/
Not much going on to blog about..
We changed our apt. for clinic til the 18th..Nasty nose bleeds are becoming quite regular...Says he feels good =)...eating well and being typical M!

M & I decided we were gonna take a nap yesterday afternoon and ended up sleeping til 8:30 last night!!! Needless to say I was up all night! But we had fun M watched the complete 1st season of the OC with me =)
For those of you that don't know M personally he is so much like "Seth" from the show its not even funny!! I swear they mad that character after M!

I guess I shoud read stuff better before I sign up..When I got the e mail from CFF telling me about putting together CF articles and blogs I just automatically signed up...well today I got a email from them asking me for my bank account number..RED I checked it out and its nothing bad I actually make money from posting there....sounds good right?! Ha Ha Ha...100 people have looked at my post and they want to send me a check for 6 cents!!! REALLY?! the paper and stamp cost way way more than that!! Anyway I declined the information so I dont now if they will erase my post of not but I went ahead and did post 3 so check it out!!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Part 2

Hey guys part 2 is up so check it out here!!

Thanks all so much for the feedback =)
Ronnie made me realize I need an editor =) any takers?? huh? huh?