Sunday, May 10, 2009

Much needed update

Hey guys!
Sorry Im a total blog slacker...bad thing is I dont have a good excuess!
We have had a fun week or so!

Lots of pool time!

A visit to the doctors office ( who would have thought?! )

Everything went well!
All M's labs look good, still a little bit of some sinus trouble, Cortisone shot for the hip and wrist and no new meds!! Pretty good lets pray that the CF clinic visit goes even better!!

We did go to the hospital but thankfully it was not a bad visit!
My baby cousin Kourtne had a baby =)
Shes just as cute as pie!

She is 7 pounds 14 ounces and 20 inches!!
Her name is Katie and shes so so sweet!!
At this point of our journey I was thinking "ok well maby I will have one someday..she sure is cute"
But then we continued our trip into the next room to visit Kourtne

Her story quickly erased my previous thought =D
Nah not really...when the time is right and if it's God's plan.

We spent the last 2 day in the pool...really ALL day and it was a blast!! After the pool last night we made M a suprise banana split with candles! Im all about some birthdays so I think everyday of the month of your birthday you should get suprises =D

It looks pretty gross but..Thats what he likes!!
Extra sprinkles and gummie bears.

I have pretty much been dreading this day for awhile now..But its here so whatever..
Please say a prayer for M and his sister B.. Its quite a difficult day for them both. I cant believe its been almost 6 months!! Its still very un real to me.
I think Slimer can sense M's pain today

He only moves up the couch to lick M's face and then back to his spot =(
We are going to get ready and go visit the grave.
Hopefully the day will get better.

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC mothers day!!!
Please dont forget to say a special prayer for the Mommies we read about that are going through a rough time..No name posting here..I may forget someone! So you know who they are if your an avid blogger =)



  1. Praying for M..definitely.

    The pool looks fantastic and baby Katie is adorable!!!

  2. Hey...i'm glad you both have had a pretty good week! Glad M's dr's appt went well. I'm praying that his CF appt goes great too!! And I have to say that I think your baby cousin has the best name ever :) She is precious!!

    I love gummie bears and sprinkles i can relate!

    Praying for M and his sister. I know it's hard...but praying God will comfort them, especially today.

  3. Happy first mother's day Kel! I hope today went smoothly for the who fam. It can't be an easy day for mike a his siter.

  4. Im dead sexy!! ANd HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL P!!!! He has 70 years left in him!

  5. Very nice update. Thanks for the prayers on behalf of my brother in laws grandson. he is doing well, better than expected. I have been out for a bit, have missed a lot. glad to know i am not the only blogger who misses a lot. hugs. mile 191