Monday, May 11, 2009

25 and counting!!

Happy Birthday My Michael P!!!

You are one amazing man!
Every year on this day since I met you I have prayed for another year..
Another year with healthy lungs, happy and feel good days, your hugs and kisses..
And for another year now God has answered my prayers..
How thankful & blessed I am..
When I first met you 25 seemed many years away..
At that time I thought if you had CF you only lived to be 27..
Boy have I learned alot since that day =)
I dream of 25+25+25 more birthdays with you..
You amaze me everyday with your ability to live, laugh and love the way you do..
You are unbelievably funny, insanely smart and always inappropriate..
I love you for it..
I love everything about you..
Yes even your driving..well..we can pretend right ;)
I will never be able to say in words how much I love you..
Or how much you mean to me..
I dont think the words exist..
I love how when I say "duck" or "sweet and in love" you already know..
I love how you finish my sentence..
And then how we laugh about it..
Your stubborn, hard headed and rarely listen..
And I wouldnt have it any other way..
You make me laugh until I think Im really going to pee my pants..
And then remind me why I started laughing so hard..
Your the worst at apologizing..
And I think its cute..
You truly give me hell about doing your medicine..
I dont care..I need and want you here for many more years..
You fight ninja style in your sleep often leaving me sore..
But your my favorite cuddle bunnie..
You totally hog the tv with your ps3 and wii..
And I completly love it..
You always smell fabulous..
Even in the hospital..
Your kisses are salty..
And heal chapped lips..
You have taught me so much about life..
The small things..
And for that I am forever thankful..
You are my HERO..
I am so excited and proud to be here with you to say..

We had a wonderful dinner with Cream, Mrs. Bea, Brooke and Shannon tonight!!
We had way to much food and quite a few laughs!!

Michael & his dad with crackers!

Michael & Cream

Brooke, Cream and M

Brooke & Michael

When we 1st got to dinner we had a table outside looking out over the water and right down from where we were sitting was 2 baby alligators!! They were so tiny and cute!! But just a few yards out was the big mamma/daddy! I got a few pictures but you cant see much!! Ill post anyway =)

Yes that tiny dot is the "big" I was talking about =)


  1. Happy Birthday to M, Happy Birthday to M, Happy Birthday to M, Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Praying for 25+25+25 more wonderful years! That's neat about the alligators!! Was it on the Mobile Bay???

  2. Nice words for you man....and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fibrother!