Monday, May 18, 2009

Paul's Wedding

Hey guys!! We had alot of fun going to Paul's wedding! Paul is one of M's oldest friends (23 years) and hold's the title of "best friend" but a few years ago Paul moved away and M has not got to see him much. As you can imagine M was super excited!! Jason and I went to the church when M had to go which was 3 hours early for pictures so we got super bored and took lots of pictures =) Yours Truly Jason & I Man of the hour *Paul* Steven (Pauls brother) Paul, Rip (pauls dad) and Michael Goof Ball! Call it LOVE Or call it GROSS ;) AWE!!!! They were so cute! Paul cried almost the whole time and it was so so sweet!! Kudos to you Paul! 2 Cute Lookin handsome for his wifey!!

Michael was on his best behavior which will be displayed in the following videos

We met some really awesome people (Amber & Lonnie) that actually live like 5 mins form where we live and seem like the flippin mirror image of us!! Our hotel was nice but the bed was horrid so when we got back we were all exausted!! So over all it was a quick and fun trip =)


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