Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lets make this easy

Hey guys..
Simple and clear..
Blog stalker sucks so I put a tracer on my blog to show me who visits and what they do..well I was checking it the other day and this is what I saw

414852840 May/13/2009
09:24:18 France MS Internet Explorer 6 Windows XP
Referrer: %2Bfake %2B%22kellee jones%22 (Google)

Date Time Keyword (Search Engine)
05/13/09 09:24:18 +fake +"kellee jones" (Google)
05/12/09 21:31:02 find screen name ps3 michael perkins (Google)

may not make sense because you dont get to see all the detail I get but simply put when you visit my blog it gives me your ip address ans shows me what you stalker googles random things about me which is very sad. How glad I am to not be that pathetic.

Anyway I am making my blog invite only as of tomorrow so please send me an e mail or comment leaving yor e mail address ( I will not publish the comment ) if you would like to still follow my journey.

Thanks guys!!!
Please pray for my sad miserably blog stalker.


  1. I think you have my email address. I definitely want to keep following!

  2. I'd like to keep following as a fellow wife of a CFer :)