Thursday, May 14, 2009

Super Sleepy

For the 1st time in quite some time I am actually really really sleepy!!
I had a fun day at the pool with Mal, M, Caleb Jason and J...Until it came a tsunami and we were forced to go inside =(. We got quite a bit of sun before having to go in so I'm still excited =).

M has been coughing a little more the past 2 days..lets pray its not a sign of trouble!! We go see Dr. S Monday and I am praying for some good PFT's please also join that prayer chain =)
Speaking of praying please also keep Kayleighs family in your prayers.

M says he has been feeling good and what he is getting up small amounts and is not dark at all..well at least not for him..or for when hes sick.

****Whoa complete random insert****
Im sitting here typing and a churches chicken advertisement came on tv and not 1 word of it was English...I mean I was just thinking I lived in American...but whatever.

Back to your regular reading.
M is in a wedding this weekend and Im so excited!! Hes gonna be SO handsome!!

My IQ is becoming lower...M is watching "yo mamma"

Twitter is my new addiction

I have laundry to do and treatments to start for my ♥

And like previously typed Im sleepy..I must leave you all now..
Dont fret Ill be back =D



  1. Take advantage of being sleepy!!! And I'll definitely be praying for good PFT's! Have fun at the wedding!!

  2. I'm glad you could relax at the pool for a little.

    I hope M's coughing isn't a sign of trouble. I've been coughing a lot more lately, myself.