Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ahh the smell!

Hey guys!
No news is good news!
We are all doing well!
M is still having a little sinus crap going on and has yet to have a sleep study.
He has however only had 2 naps this week! Woo Hoo!

Michaels dad got 1 of the cool sleep number beds so he gave us his bed and WOW!
Its the biggest most comfortable bed EVER!!! With that being said I can go in to the title of my post.

Mrs. Anna (for new readers thats M's mom that VERY unexpectantly passed away in Nov.)
always smelled amazing! Im talking like lure you in sniffing kinda good..And not just her but the house the bedroom her car...always smelled better than anythinng I can describe. And so anyway the smell has not (Thank you God) faded. As soon as you open the front door of their house the smell hits your nose instantly. Its a comfortable thing...1 thing thats still the same. Well guess what came with our mattress? Thats right!! The wonderful smell!! Now its not always good when someone brings her up to M or something reminds him BUT like I said this is a comfort thing. Granted M can not smell now BUT he could at 1 time and he says her very much so remembers the smell and he loves knowing that our house has the sweet wonderful smell of Mrs. Anna.

Death is so odd to me..
Like I still go in and think shes gonna be there.
Why? Its been 7 months.
When will it sink in?
I sure do miss that womans cookin! Man she made some mean poppy seed chicken. Along with 50 thousand other wonderful dishes.

M deals so well with death. Its good in a way. CF plus depression is never a pretty site but its really sad that death has become such a part of him its almost like second nature. He hears about it replies and goes on about his day.
Amazing..Yes but just sad. All the more reason a cure REALLY needs to be found.

Anyway Im going to go enjoy our new smell good bed with my wonderful, amazing, funny, sarcastic M!

I hope you all are doing wonderful! And even tho Im not posting much you are ALL still very much in my prayers!!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Finally Grilling Goodness

1. What do you like most about your skin?
Umm well it turns brown pretty quick =)

2. Does your spouse mind grocery shopping for you or with you?
No M pretty much does any and everything with me and very rarely complains.
I Love Him!

3. Do you have access to a pool for the summer?

4. Do you have plans for Father's Day?
Umm No

5. Is there anything that terrified you as a child that you find .... now?
Umm I dont do bugs and anything that means messing with my bends.

6. If you could do something instantly, what would it be?
Cure CF

7. What would you do to entertain visitors from out of town?
They would be outta luck if I was not entertaining enough lol

8. If your best friend owes you money, do you bug them until you get it?

Sorry I have not done one of these in so long! I kinda forgot about them =(


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cf Question

Are any of you Cfers tired alot?

M will got to bed at say 10pm wake up at 10am and take a nap from 2-6 and then be ready for bed again at 10?

We still have not had his sleep study...they were booked for quite a long time.
Anyway M being sleepy so much has increasingly gotten worse and Im kind of concerned now.
Dr. S says the sleep study will tell us more but I have really never liked the whole wait and see game cf loves so much.


For the Somer Love

Hey my love!
I almost cried when you asked me what a yoohoo was.
I must share with you my most fav. quilty pleasure ever!!!!

Its not like any other and I strongly strongly encourage you to try it

Hope your all having a good day!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hey guys I was tagged by this awesome blogger to join her new little thing where each week you get a new task to complete and blah blah...anyway this week was to write a post full of confessions,
Here I go

I confess that I am way way OCD
I confess that I love Michael Perkins more than anyone will ever know
I confess that I love Slimer more than any human should love a dog
I confess that I cooked dinner in the crock pot tonight and Im not washing it befor I go to bed.
I confess that I wish I saw Mallory Zafiris everyday of my life because I love her like woah.
I confess that I have the worst case of restless leg syndrome ever!
I confess I clean my ears like 5 times a day.
I confess that I look to Ronnie "runsickboyruns" post to lift me up when I am down
I confess that I miss Gracie Loo more than you know.
I confess that I cant blog about everything I want due to blog stalker.

So I think thats enough

Oh wait

WARNING!!!!!!!!! Girl talk will follow this sentence! Guys go away!

I confess that I ate 2 bags of hot peanuts followed my a strawberry yoohoo and THEN I ate a reeses..dont stop there not only did I ask for a strawberry yoohoo but I needed a choc. one 2 and a KING size kit kat...totally a fatty moment
I also confess that I asked M to go get me all of those things on a spur of the moment basis while I was crying and didnt know why.

Would anyone like to guess what time of the month it is for me?


Boys Just Wanna Have Fun!

With this post I will bring better news!
Or pictures.
Or whatever.

As you all know by now I love love love me some Michael P & Slimer.
They are 2 of the most amazing people/dog ever.

Slimer however has recently been going through a rough patch.

A Funk.

Call it a identity crisis if you will.

It seems hes not the only one with this identity issue..

Or this just possibly may be Wal mid night..dressed up as a ghostbuster..sigining a autograph

With Mallory & John.

But stranger things have happend.

And we always have a blast and thats all that matters right?


Come to my nice Cozy House?

Its been a exciting week in the Perkins home!

5 Years ago M decided he wanted a snake.
5 Years ago I was a madly in love ( not so bright ) teen with said M.
5 Years ago I bought ( yes as in PAID ) M the snake that was just so tiny and tucked away in a glass cage.

Her name is Kaa.
She has never struck or bit anyone/thing besides her food.
I have never cared much for her but never really had a problem with her either.
She lives in her glass cage locked away in another room.
To be honest I never even see her...In all honesty I may have seen her 10 times in 5 years.

In her 5 years of life she has grown to be 4ft and remained to be a "good" (HA!)snake. This is all wonderful. Just fabulous right?

Also in Kaa's 5 years of life she apparently has decided she dont like being tucked away in her nice little glass cage.

She escaped.

Yes a 4 foot snake named Kaa is loose in my house.

Where I sleep and eat and pee and laugh and preform CPT and roll in the floor with Gumby and Slimer.

Have you my friends ever tried to sit on your toilet while being completly aware of every inch around you? How about sleep 8 hours in the bed where the cover runs over your legs causing you to instantly be awake, out of bed and looking around crazily with no contacts in my friend? Oh or when you need to stick your hand down in the cabinet to get that cassarole dish for dinner? Or turn on the light switch in the dark?

Dont you all want to come visit me?


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Putting it to rest

We can now all put the whole "April rose" thing to rest

Please remember B still needs all of our prayers

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Please tell me

That my eyes are not being honest with me about little April Rose???????
Its real right?
And shes ok right?

Im hoping Im confused or have missed something big today on my blog absence.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hey guys!!
Nothing new going on at our house!
M is doing awesome =) ;) =D :)

Slimer is also doing fantastic

And we have a new family member
Bloggies meet Pooch take 2

Ok now for the help part!!
I need to know which cup cake is the prettiest...Im talking like wedding cup cakes!!

Cup Cake "A"

Cup Cake "B"

Cup Cake "C"

Cup Cake "D"

Cup Cake "E"

Cup Cake "F"

Cup Cake "G"

All of them

Now I need you all to let me know which you like best!!