Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hey guys!!
Nothing new going on at our house!
M is doing awesome =) ;) =D :)

Slimer is also doing fantastic

And we have a new family member
Bloggies meet Pooch take 2

Ok now for the help part!!
I need to know which cup cake is the prettiest...Im talking like wedding cup cakes!!

Cup Cake "A"

Cup Cake "B"

Cup Cake "C"

Cup Cake "D"

Cup Cake "E"

Cup Cake "F"

Cup Cake "G"

All of them

Now I need you all to let me know which you like best!!



  1. I vote for "A" or "F". Who gets to eat all the samples!!! Yum Yum

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  3. My vote is for A and F! I love them

  4. I like F the best. I'm so glad M is doing so good!!! And welcome Pooch!!! I miss my cat :) I could so go for cupcakes right about now!!!

  5. I also like F my love. Please tell me your going to make a 3 tier wedding cake made out of cupcakes because that so would make my early morning!