Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cf Question

Are any of you Cfers tired alot?

M will got to bed at say 10pm wake up at 10am and take a nap from 2-6 and then be ready for bed again at 10?

We still have not had his sleep study...they were booked for quite a long time.
Anyway M being sleepy so much has increasingly gotten worse and Im kind of concerned now.
Dr. S says the sleep study will tell us more but I have really never liked the whole wait and see game cf loves so much.



  1. I think a lot of it depends on how the PFT's are running, too. I had asked the drs about my being tired all of the time and they said it was pretty normal for bronchiectisis and CF and my lung function range.

  2. What are his SATS when he is awake? And his sleep is probably just breeding more sleepiness. I used to sleep a lot when I was younger and I think I was always tired from sleeping too much. I would bet if he forced himself to get up early every day and stick to a more normal routine he wouldn't be so tired. It's often seems counterintuitive, but the more we workout and active we are the LESS tired we get, and by we, I mean humans in general :)


  3. I would say most definitely!! I used to be tired ALL the time. Of course I was in school (middle and high) at my worst years. I still get so exhausted. Usually though it is worse when I'm sick. I also rarely sleep at night...was supposed to have a sleep study, but haven't done it yet. M may be sleeping at night, but his body may not actually be resting like it should; therefore, he is more tired during the day and will take naps. It is SO SO much easier for me to fall asleep during the day and nap than it is at night. I try to make myself stay awake the entire day, so I will sleep at night..but it doesn't always work. I don't like the wait and see game of CF either...but I'm praying that everything will work out and he can get some much needed rest without sleeping all the time!

  4. Hi Kellee -

    I'm one of Katey's friends and a fellow CF'er - and I can definitely understand M's tiredness! I deal with the same thing quite often and it's especially bad when I'm not feeling good. I do work full time so I have to be up at 6:30 but there are literally some nights that I get home from work (around 5 PM) and I feel like I am just waiting for it to get dark so that I can go to sleep!

    Sometimes I'm like Katey and will be really restless at night ... I want to go to sleep but simply can't. Both of these habits have gotten worse the older I've got (isn't that true for all of us?) and as my health has declined. I feel like I used to be an Energizer Bunny compared to what I have the energy for now.

    Hope M feels better soon! A sleep study is probably a good idea. I do feel better when I sleep with my O2 at night - I get a more "restful" sleep.

  5. My husband is tired a lot. He had a sleep study and does have mild sleep apnea. But also I think that he just needs more sleep. His body is constantly fighting infection so it makes sense that he would need more rest. As long as the extra sleeping doesn't coincide with other signs of depression, I really wouldn't be concerned.