Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Come to my nice Cozy House?

Its been a exciting week in the Perkins home!

5 Years ago M decided he wanted a snake.
5 Years ago I was a madly in love ( not so bright ) teen with said M.
5 Years ago I bought ( yes as in PAID ) M the snake that was just so tiny and tucked away in a glass cage.

Her name is Kaa.
She has never struck or bit anyone/thing besides her food.
I have never cared much for her but never really had a problem with her either.
She lives in her glass cage locked away in another room.
To be honest I never even see her...In all honesty I may have seen her 10 times in 5 years.

In her 5 years of life she has grown to be 4ft and remained to be a "good" (HA!)snake. This is all wonderful. Just fabulous right?

Also in Kaa's 5 years of life she apparently has decided she dont like being tucked away in her nice little glass cage.

She escaped.

Yes a 4 foot snake named Kaa is loose in my house.

Where I sleep and eat and pee and laugh and preform CPT and roll in the floor with Gumby and Slimer.

Have you my friends ever tried to sit on your toilet while being completly aware of every inch around you? How about sleep 8 hours in the bed where the cover runs over your legs causing you to instantly be awake, out of bed and looking around crazily with no contacts in my friend? Oh or when you need to stick your hand down in the cabinet to get that cassarole dish for dinner? Or turn on the light switch in the dark?

Dont you all want to come visit me?



  1. YIKES!! I would be freaking out~seriously! In fact, just reading this, I've pulled my legs up beneath my butt while sitting here! LOL! G'Ma does NOT like snakes!! Sure hope Kaa appears very soon, during the daylight hours AND while hubby is home! Good luck! (((HUGS))) G'Ma~rella

  2. Not a fan of snakes... M use the Ghost gear and find the slimey thing.
    Before Slimer does. HMMMMM do you think Slimer found him? Did he eat him maybe? You said slimer was in a funk??? Yikes again! I hope you find this creature...