Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ahh the smell!

Hey guys!
No news is good news!
We are all doing well!
M is still having a little sinus crap going on and has yet to have a sleep study.
He has however only had 2 naps this week! Woo Hoo!

Michaels dad got 1 of the cool sleep number beds so he gave us his bed and WOW!
Its the biggest most comfortable bed EVER!!! With that being said I can go in to the title of my post.

Mrs. Anna (for new readers thats M's mom that VERY unexpectantly passed away in Nov.)
always smelled amazing! Im talking like lure you in sniffing kinda good..And not just her but the house the bedroom her car...always smelled better than anythinng I can describe. And so anyway the smell has not (Thank you God) faded. As soon as you open the front door of their house the smell hits your nose instantly. Its a comfortable thing...1 thing thats still the same. Well guess what came with our mattress? Thats right!! The wonderful smell!! Now its not always good when someone brings her up to M or something reminds him BUT like I said this is a comfort thing. Granted M can not smell now BUT he could at 1 time and he says her very much so remembers the smell and he loves knowing that our house has the sweet wonderful smell of Mrs. Anna.

Death is so odd to me..
Like I still go in and think shes gonna be there.
Why? Its been 7 months.
When will it sink in?
I sure do miss that womans cookin! Man she made some mean poppy seed chicken. Along with 50 thousand other wonderful dishes.

M deals so well with death. Its good in a way. CF plus depression is never a pretty site but its really sad that death has become such a part of him its almost like second nature. He hears about it replies and goes on about his day.
Amazing..Yes but just sad. All the more reason a cure REALLY needs to be found.

Anyway Im going to go enjoy our new smell good bed with my wonderful, amazing, funny, sarcastic M!

I hope you all are doing wonderful! And even tho Im not posting much you are ALL still very much in my prayers!!



  1. Joshua misses his sniffer for reasons like that. He still has phantom smells but there never of anything enjoyable. I know he really misses the smell of my old body spray :( But now i never have to shower... But I do... Sometimes.

    Enjoy your new big bed!!!

  2. It is pretty amazing how smell emits such memories, I'm sorry to hear of her passing. I've seen your blog for awhile, through the CF Forums, but didn't get my own until now. I look forward to continuing reading!