Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hey guys I was tagged by this awesome blogger to join her new little thing where each week you get a new task to complete and blah blah...anyway this week was to write a post full of confessions,
Here I go

I confess that I am way way OCD
I confess that I love Michael Perkins more than anyone will ever know
I confess that I love Slimer more than any human should love a dog
I confess that I cooked dinner in the crock pot tonight and Im not washing it befor I go to bed.
I confess that I wish I saw Mallory Zafiris everyday of my life because I love her like woah.
I confess that I have the worst case of restless leg syndrome ever!
I confess I clean my ears like 5 times a day.
I confess that I look to Ronnie "runsickboyruns" post to lift me up when I am down
I confess that I miss Gracie Loo more than you know.
I confess that I cant blog about everything I want due to blog stalker.

So I think thats enough

Oh wait

WARNING!!!!!!!!! Girl talk will follow this sentence! Guys go away!

I confess that I ate 2 bags of hot peanuts followed my a strawberry yoohoo and THEN I ate a reeses..dont stop there not only did I ask for a strawberry yoohoo but I needed a choc. one 2 and a KING size kit kat...totally a fatty moment
I also confess that I asked M to go get me all of those things on a spur of the moment basis while I was crying and didnt know why.

Would anyone like to guess what time of the month it is for me?



  1. You dont see me everyday because everyone sleeps in your house! Im afraid if I talk I will be yelled at! :) Oh and I work to much for way to little.. I actually work all the time. Imagine that! Thats okay I apparently woke up last night and ate a bowl of cereal. I dont remember doing it, but I had frosted flakes on my shirt and the bowl was in the sink! Thank you Tylenol PM! What other things am I going to get myself into? I forgot I cant get off this stupid diet bec I have to look good for this wedding