Friday, January 16, 2009

Catching Up

Im Kellee and Im crazy in love with Michael. On December 1st 2004 Michael and I started our crazy, fun and eventful life with one another. Little did I know...the next 5 years of my life would have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Michael has Cystic Fibrosis, CF related diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Chronic sinusitis. With all that being said Im sure you know alot of our time is spent in the hospital which is where quite a few memories are formed.


Michael is one of the most amazing people in the world, hes happy go lucky and full of inapproiate jokes that always come out at the wrong time!! We started this relationship off as friends and it later went to a whole new level. We now are inseparable, in love and oh so happy!! Although we have had many ups and downs (thats cf for ya!) we wouldnt have it any other way!!

On May 10th 2007 Michael asked me in his Michael way to marry him, Of course with no hesitation I said YES!!! so we quickly began planning a wedding and a house and a new pet and all these exciting things over the next few months.

Up untill 2007 we had only had the typical "tune up" visits, But on October 3rd everything changed...Life, our perspective, our emotions and our feelings for one another.
At 7:30 am Dr. L came strolling in to our room (4309) and let us know Michael would be going down for a bronchostopy a simple 30 min. procedure just to do a quick wash out of the lungs right?!? umm no
I quickly scramble to call Cream and Mrs. Anna and let them know what was going on.. rush and get my shower then head down to surgery (woo!)
At 9:17 I kiss his precious face, tell him I will see him soon, behave and I love you..I knew as I turned away something was just not right..wiped my eyes and told myself to have more faith and quit being such a worry wart. 10 O'clock came 10:30 11:00 over whelming stress and then 11:19 we got called back..The bronc lab doors automatically opened and Dr. L simply says "we lost him" doors closed.. I got hot I got cold I couldnt cry I just stood..The doors opend and he finished his earlier sentence "but we brought him back" wooooo now I breath and cry!! Apparently Michael decided he didnt want to wake up after the procedure so he just decided he would die on me..(Thanks buddy for the heart attack at 20) So a month in ICU a bout of depression and weak lungs later Michael got to come home! Just in time for Halloween (his Fav.)


The year started out in the hospital for "tune up" nothing big. My 21st birthday rolled around!! we went to the park and to dinner =). In March we rented a new house got a kitty (Molly) Photobucket
and planned our 1st "real" vacation.
It was a suprise for Michaels 24th Birthday!! So on May 8th we left for Universal Studios! Michael, Jason, Jonathan and myself all made the 11 hour trip in 8 hours and had the time of our lives!! Photobucket
We rode every ride 100's of times met awesome people and spent way to much money!
Sadly the day before our trip ended we got the awful new that Jamie (cf friend) had passed, so we ended a day early and headed home for the wake and funeral =(.

June-November was full of fun, love, laughs and 1 hospital stay (Michael blew a hole in his right lobe coughing to hard)

We got a goofy grey kitty named pooch..a crazy and spastic dog named titus, And completed classes to become foster parents =)

Then November 19th miserably approached..
I was with my bestie MalloryPhotobucket
and we wanted to go to the pet store, we convinced Michael to come with us made a quick look in the store and decided we wanted to go to dinner. Michael called his dad to see if they wanted to go with us. Cream answered the phone in a panic and told Michael we should get to the house asap. So at 90 mph I drove to Michaels parents house only to see the ambulance pulling heart sank...everything after that is a blur but 20 mins later I was standing in a small room in springhills er holding Michael from tearing off the door to get to his mamma.. So quickly with no warning she was gone. At 3:17 he talked to her she was fine..At 3:50 she was dead..I didnt and still dont understand???
I miss her dearly and wish I knew how to "fix" this mess thats been left..

So as you can imagine the last month in a half has been a struggle. Its a struggle to keep him well..a struggle to keep him occupied, to say the right things at the right times, to keep him happy. Its a inner struggle to do everything right, to be "there" enough..but no to much. But like every other day I get up I smile and I try my best.

We do however have exciting news!! Through this awful time we did get our dear friend Wesley back! He happens to be the most incrediable amazing friend ever and I Love him dearly. Not to mention his precious pride and joy Callie..she always brightens the day!! We bought our 1st house!! Its just gonna be Me, Michael P., Javon, PoochPhotobucket (lazy grey cat) and TitusPhotobucket (spastic puppy). Woo Hoo!

Hopefully things will look up soon..but in the mean time Im going to continue being thankful for the wonderful people and things I have..Loving every min. of this roller coaster ride called LiFe.

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