Monday, January 26, 2009

Stubborn Michael =Stressed Kellee

Hey guys..
Hope everyone is doing well!!

Our weekend was insane!! We were NOT prepared for 3 foster girls at 1 time hah it was fun and was nothing bad just crazy lol. It was however fun and the girls were sweet, just a bit more than we could handle.

Michael is sick but being stubborn about going to the doctor =(. Hes got a fever right now ( 102 ) and is coughing constantly. We ordered a Salin Salt Ait Purifier (suppost to be extreamly helpful for cfers) that we will get in the morning. Hes hoping that between that and going back to karate he will get better on his own... doutful... But thats Michael for you.

Anyway we had a great day today we went to the park and fed the ducks!!

It was so fun!! there was this little ugly one that would jump and take the bread from our hand!!

He was so ugly he was cute. Michael played his flute thingy from legend of zelda for themPhotobucket

Afterwards we went and ate at Roadhouse where Michael stuffed himself with 8 rolls, chicken and mashed potatoes!! woo cf!

Now Im going to go and try to convince Michael he should go see Dr. S tomorrow and stop trying to buy time, since the only thing hes doing is getting sicker =(

Night Loves

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  1. Hi, I'm Marcus. I'm a respiratory therapy student and discovered your blog through Lil Chris's mom. Just wanted to say hi.