Friday, January 23, 2009

As Promised

Ok so now that I have 2 seconds to sit and blog I will catch you up on my past few days..
The last few days like I said have been super busy and flew by!!

So over the past few days we have been cleaning house and setting up a second bed for the girls this weekend... Thanks to my dear friend WesPhotobucket for helping us with that!! Of course in the middle of doing all the laundry and washing the linens for the bed the dryer caught on fire (woo) so that put a damper in things for a day or so.. But when we got it fixed we were full blast to get things done so we would have time to play!!

And play is what we did!!
Photobucket along with Photobucket and also Jacob Photobucket oh yea and of course yours truly =) went to see
My Bloody Valentine 3D
Yea pretty scary stuff actually!!!
We goofed around in wal-mart (they had the prettiest flowers ever) Photobucket

Took poochie to the vet Photobucket!!! We finally got the ok to start using regular litter again (woo) so now I can breath without gagging!! Pooch however was not so happy about switching back Photobucket I feel sure it has something to do with not being able to throw the litter out of the litter box.. The paper litter he had to use after surgery was little pellets and he would just sit stupidly and throw them 1 by 1 on the the floor.. Thank you tidy cats for not allowing that to happen with your awesome crystals!

We spent alot of time with Wes and Callie Photobucket just hanging out and being silly Photobucket &&& Photobucket no dull moments here!! I love having friends as awesome as mine =). We never really do anything but we ALWAYS have fun.. sometimes 2 much Photobucket

So on the serious side..
We are still just waiting on the house (tick tock) should be coming up very very soon!
Im kinda sad about moving out of my little town =( but only like .09325 % sad.
Michaels ankle has pretty much healed from 3 weeks ago when he fractured it so Im sure he will be going back to karate very soon! Hopefully that will help get him back to good status cf wise, thanks to being a diabetic it took a bit longer for his ankle to heal than we thought.. and no exercise and cf dont go hand in hand.. so he has had an increas in cough and congestion.. But Michael being Michael is sure when he goes back to karate and gets to moving around hes going to get alot more up and feel better.. Time will tell.. I on the other hand would like to play it safe and go ahead and go see Dr. S.. I know Michael well enough to know though when he is getting sick he will go but not a day sooner.. I just worry.. yes even after 6 years I still want to go to the doctor just because he coughs.. laugh it up..
Our cf friend Jonathan Photobucket had his port removed (eek) so keep him in your thoughts and prayers.. He needs a speedy recovery!!

Anyway lets wrap up the rambling.. We have had a good week and we are looking forward to a wonderful and exciting weekend.. Even though I am very nervous about the girls coming! With it being my first time as a foster parent and it being 3 girls!! Wish me luck with that!!

Im not sure if I will get a chance to blog tomorrow or not, depending on how its all going but... I will be blogging again soon. Im sure this weekend has lots of memories in store. =)


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