Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CF goodness


We are home! No hospital today even though his pft's were down from baseline.
Dr. S ordered some bactrum and colistin to do for the next 2 weeks then we will go back and see what we need to do from there.. Hopefully that will do the trick and we can avoid the hospital for a while.

On to another subject.. Depending on how well Michael is feeling we may start moving Saturday!!

I found a salt air purifier thats suppost to be wonderful for cf patients so I ordered it and had it delivered today, we are going to try it tonight and hopefully it will be all that its suppost to and I can let all you cfers and cf families know where you can get 1. Its suppost to be like a 7% treatment all night (you sleep with it on). So keep your fingers crossed!! The cf foundation is running it through phase 3 of clinical studies so odviously it does something =)

Anyway going to eat foosackleys with my ♥ then coming home to make him do all his treatments.!.


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