Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American idol!

So let me warn you... The blog you are about to read is NOTHING exciting.. I made a promise to someone that I would write about everyday no matter what and thats what Im going to do. If you are here for a good story or giggles this is not the entry. Its simply about our last 2 days nothing more.. If you would like to know about our Monday & Tuesday then by all mean continue reading =)

Ok so the dreaded 19th rolled around again and it was about how you would expect..
I miss her so very much. I devoted the day to Michael..we stayed as busy as possible so thats why I didnt blog sorry.

Oh boy how much I miss you. I never knew how much Id miss you. I want so bad to pull up and see you in your pink robe with pink house shoes a cup of green tea and your book, sitting in your white chair.I want to call you when Im ready to strangle Michael over his health. I want you tell yell at him and make it better, I want to hear you say "Im not going to tell you AGAIN". I want your poppy seed chicken and butter beans. I want to laugh at you doing the "get silly" dance.I want you back to fix the mess thats left.. to put up the huge over decorated christmas tree with the enormous wreaths.. to make cream eat right.. to talk about people with me.. to tell me the rest of Michaels baby stories.. But more than anything I want you back to fix the pain thats left with Creamy, Michael and Brooke. Not to mention the rest of the 700000 people that miss you so dearly. I know if you were here right now you would tell me how selfish this is but its ok Id love to hear it.I ♥ & Miss U Mrs.Anna!!

We started our morning off with aersol puffin' Photobucket and then we went for a fun ride in the D~LO (delorean)..It was such a pretty clear day (easy breathing for M) Photobucket..We just drove around and goofed off the first half of the day Photobucket!!!
Monday night we went and spent time with my brothers and baby cousins =)
We watched ghost busters and played till the boys were pooped Photobucket
So all in all it was just a typical day.. except for the fact that it was the 2 month mark for Mrs. Annas death therfore it was a bit sad.

Today however was super exciting!!

American Idol is back on (woo) so tonight we had some friends over to watch and eat pizza Photobucket. So now we are all stuffed and being lazy!! Photobucket.

So over all today was a good day.. Michael feels good! Our house is almost ready for us! The people on american idol really sucked and made me laugh! And now repo man is on! Hopefully tomorrow I will have more to tell you about =).

Night! xox

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