Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quick sum up!

Hey guys!!
No long post just a quick check in... Our furniture was delivered today! =)

Michaels sitll feeling crappy but his cough is much better.. No fever for 2 days now!! (woo)
Hes just tired more so than anything, for some reason colistin makes his very sluggish.
He loves loves loves his new nebulizer (he actually looks forward to using it!!) Its the Eflow and it gets the medicine much deeper than the normal. If your a cfer and you dont have 1 you should look in to it.

I of course am getting sick (just the nasty cold that everyone has) so I spend alot of my day de~germing every where!!!

So to sum it up.. My house is a mess.. My Michael P is tired.. and I dont have time to be sick... busy busy move move!!

Longer post later!

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  1. Hi There, ok, lets just say - if you did not vent out your frustrations then you would not be human. I am a mother of a very stubborn, independant, daughter who is now living in London and when she was growing up it was the same - except I did a lot of writing in journals - and then destroyed them as I did not want my girls or hubby to see how frustrated, angry, bitter etc I was with having a CF child - oh the emotions still got the better of me at times, BUT I learnt very quickly to hide the feeling and now can cope easier - not better - but easier than before. She is now 27 and she has and always will be stubborn, independant, (case of no mom - dont worry I can do this myself - stop stressing) type of person lol. It gets easier but you will still get the days where you will want to shout out/slap/box/kick/tear/destroy the whole universe and the next where you will enjoy every minute/every laugh/tear/spoken word/bird singing/smile/joke etc......its just so. I hope that this will bring a little glimmer of hope and smile to you. Hope you get settled very quickly but remember baby steps and things get done - the quicker=the slower lol.....Michael get better soon.