Saturday, January 17, 2009

Woo for Ashley Furniture!


What a fun day!! We spent a ton of crazy hours looking at furniture today and finally picked some out (see above pic.) we are so excited!
Within a few weeks we will be getting our long awaited foster baby (woo hoo). Who also got a new bed today =).

We had a fantastic dinner and now we are being super lazy and on the fast track to bed..Michaels got a temp. (100.7) so hopefully with some alka seltzer and rest he will be good to go in the am, However I feel sure its nearing a "tune up" time and I am not looking forward to this next stay! I dont think any of us are its going to be so odd with out her =(. Perhaps I should go and make him do his treatment and vest (ha! wish me luck with the vest)..ok so maby his treatment and some hand cpt will be more like it..
Night loves! =)

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