Friday, May 15, 2009

So I was Sleepy BUT....

I was so excited last night when I blogged to you guys about being tired but then...
I did all the laundry, gave Slimer fresh food and water and then fixed M's nebs..
HA!! He was not playing that easy last sir buddy! He acted like a little kid!! Ya know how when a kid dont wanna take medicine or eat veggies they will put there hand over there mouth and shake there head?? well that my friend is REALLY what M did!!!!! And bad thing is I caught myself playing right along "If you do this 1 treatment Ill make you a banana split" "Come on babe just open your mouth"
And they reality came back in to play and I came to my senses realizing I was begging a 25 year old man to do his medicaton!!!
Long story short I placed my hand on those nice little cords M likes to think so highly of..Known as the power supply to the PS3 and threatned to snatch them out while he was mid race/fight/battle or whatever the heck you call it..Needless to say he quickly decided to do his treatments..=D

So finally I made it to the bed BUT then M decided he needed to make sure I was not upset with him over the treatment thing. ( which I was not just sometimes I must be the stern inforcer to keep him healthy ) He gives me a hard time but then feels bad so he has to make sure everythings ok lol..His way of making sure I was ok was by body slamming me and then starting a massive tickle war followed by a 2 hour conversation from him telling me he was sorry for giving me a hard time and he knows I just want him to be healthy and how much he loves and appriciates me =)!!
It made me happy which made me cry b/c it was so sweet which then made M make fun of me so we laughed an joked around for another hour! Finally at 4 we fell asleep!!

I have to go pack for a weekend getaway/wedding but I will be using my new found obsession *Twitter* so follow and keep up with me if ya want =) Just about all of you guys that have a twitter are set to my text so Ill be able to keep up =D

I hope you all have a healthy and fun weekend!!



  1. I'll definitely be following your tweets. Have an awesome time and take some pics. :)

    Jason's PS3 name is hamjam01. Maybe he and Michael can hook up (in a manly, gamer way). hehe!

  2. Way to stay on top of him about his treatments! Mandi is the same way with me, and sometimes us BOYS need just that!