Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Check it Out

Heys guys!!
Ive been working hard on a cafe press site for CF and so far I have managed to get a few things up so head over and check it out!!
ALL the profits will go to the CFF!! I will be adding stuff daily so make sure u=you keep up with it and PLEASE PLEASE pass on the site.
M & I have a deal made with Dr. S and for the next 3 months every $10.00 earned he will match!!
So HURRY and go shop!
Come visit my store on CafePress!

And let me just go ahead for my stalker and put this in here..
If you find yourself questioning anything I have written on here then you might should look for a new blog to read. For those if you that know me you know my heart and therfore you know when it comes to CF the things I do and say are very real, from the heart and with the purest intentions.


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  1. silly stalker my Kellee is wonderful even if she does texts me during astronomy...