Sunday, March 1, 2009

English Bulldog??

Ok so M has his ♥ set on an English Bulldog to move in the house now that we are lacking our Poochie Poo =(
But umm they are freakin 1,5oo bucks!! and I cant seem to find one anywhere near Mobile...
Any ideas or good breeders or breeder websites or ANYTHING helpful would be fantastic =)
This seems just as much of a task as trying to maintain a healthy CFer!!!! uhhhh ( Ok so not that hard but you get the idea )

Anyway M is good o2 stats are back to "normal", he feels good and we loved our weekend with Josh =). Everyones still being sad over Poo..Something of his seems to be every where..Toys, hair, meds, temptations so on and so forth..Didnt know how much we would miss his lazy self.
Blah Blah Blah..just checkin in with you guys. Hope your all having a splendid weekend and everyones well!


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